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Quick Changes You Can Make That Will Have the Greatest Impact on Your Health



Quick changes you can make that will have the greatest impact on your health

You already know there’s more you should be doing to boost your health. Unfortunately, many of those recommendations are nearly impossible to fit into your already busy life.

The key is to find ideas that you can easily squeeze into your routine. Avoid the overly restrictive diets and rigorous exercise for when life slows down in the future and start by giving these simple tips a try instead.

Taking the Right Vitamins

We could all use more vegetables and fruit in our diets, especially since it’s the healthiest food that has the greatest positive impact on our lives. It’s not easy, though.

After eating oats, adding flax seed to your diet, adding a vegetable to every meal, and snacking on fruit, you’ll feel overly full and you’ll realize you still haven’t gotten all of your nutrients for the day!

That’s where finding the right vitamins can really pay off. Ones like Vitamin C and D are obvious, but don’t be afraid to do a little research to find other vitamins that can really help.

For example, vitamin B1, otherwise known as thiamine, has been shown in some studies to fight off heart disease and lower the chances of heart failure. The key is to do a little research and find the vitamins and minerals that are best for your body.

Getting Enough Sleep

You probably already know that you should be getting more sleep. After all, sleep loss can result in slow cognitive function and even serious health problems, like stroke and high blood pressure. What you might not know is that you don’t have to get hours of additional sleep to reap some serious health benefits.

Consider going to bed just 10 or 15 minutes early. Studies are also showing that napping is a good thing, so don’t be afraid to take a quick 20- or 30-minute catnap to reinvigorate your brain.

Move More

If you know you need to get more sleep, you also know that you should get more exercise, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to commit to running five miles every day!

Every little bit counts, which means it’s easier to get a little extra exercise than you think. A few ideas include:

  • Walking during work breaks
  • Standing while you work at the computer
  • Stretching every evening before bed

Just Breathe

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everyday life. However, it can easily result in accumulated stress that can wreak havoc on your immune system and can eventually lead to anxiety and depression. The next time you’re feeling stressed, engage in some deep breathing.

Although you can practice deep breathing as part of another activity, like yoga or tai chi, you don’t have to. With just a few minutes a day, you can learn to breathe your worries away and boost your health.

Don’t think your new focus on health is going to take hours out of your day. With these tips, you can greatly increase your health without making a huge commitment you won’t be able to keep.