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Top 5 Apps for Chiropractic Health



With today’s medical field inching its way closer into every home and pocket, there are a few apps for the iPhone and iPad that help patients and even the smartest of Doctors! Yes, highly trained medical professionals are working with developers to modernize the health care field, day by day, to bring solutions into the palm of your hand. Physicians, whether they are pediatrics, orthodontics, neurologists, nurses, and chiropractors are using apps socially on Facebook to find and communicate with each other.

This is a shortlist of the top 5 apps for any patient or physician looking to expand their orthopedic knowledge, tool kit, and understanding of the musculoskeletal structure. The dissemination of information and provide detailed images, videos, articles, and resources from renowned medical practices and studies around the world. These resources would make a wonderful addition to any clinical practice and are used extensively by Physicians, Nurses, Assistants, students, and the general public.

1.) SpineDecide, KneeDecide, and ShoulderDecide were developed and designed for the iPhone and the iPad with the sole purpose of educating patients about their conditions. The apps are updated with the recent and up-to-date precise suggested treatments, dialogues, and facts or evidence. -$4.99

2.) CORE – Orthopedic Exam is a handheld reference for diagnosing musculoskeletal and orthopedic disorders. A heavy database of video demonstrations, diagnostic properties, and supportive medical resources. The videos provide detailed instructions on how to perform each test. -$39.99

3.) Mobile OMT Spine focuses on manipulative and manual therapies for musculoskeletal disorders of the spine. Links to PubMed and applicable clinical studies are provided along with detailed instructional videos shot in multiple angles, so it doesn’t keep you guessing. You can email pertinent and relevant PubMed extracts to yourself and colleagues from within the app. -$29.99

4.) Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D is great for any student or physician tired of the static pictures on the wall of any practice or classroom. This app allows you to rotate the musculoskeletal system in full 3D. It had great reviews has proven to be an effective tool for educating clients about the different muscle groups being targeted. -$6.99

5.) OrthoCare is an app that primarily is used to help Junior Orthopedic Surgeons, nurses, and physician assistants communicate with orthopedic patients going under the knife. Information is provided to prepare the patient with answers to frequently asked questions and information not readily obtainable in any other publications. -$14.99