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There’s nothing more painful than working out. Am I right? I thought so. All that running, squatting, lunging, jumping business. Ugh. I’m worn out already. Working out is just not everyone’s jam. It’s hard. It’s exhausting and afterward, all you want is a double cheeseburger. Or is that just me?

BUT with the right music, we all suddenly turn into marathon masters. You know you’ve experienced that sudden jolt when the right song comes on and suddenly there’s no quitting for you. For the next three minutes, you’re this whole new lean mean running machine. You’ve suddenly found your second wind and you’re off and running and you’re not even sure how it happened.

Studies have shown that listening to music improves results by acting as a motivational tool. It also has this great capability of distracting you from how freaky tired you are. With that being said, let’s talk about music!

Picking Your Playlist

They say that timing is everything right. I don’t know who “they” are but if they say it, why not roll with it, at least for now. Anyway, “timing” more applies to pace in this instance. For warm-ups/cool downs look for songs that have 80-90 beats per minute.

After your warm-up, look for tunes with that sweet spot pace for a run or jaunt on the elliptical. Anything between the 120-140 beats per minute range is great for a run. Anything above that doesn’t seem to improve your enjoyment or other psychological factors when you’re exercising, but sometimes those songs are still fun.

Sample Playlists

Now that you know that, I bet you’re looking for somewhere to start your playlist. Let me help you.

Warm-Up/Cool Down

80 Beats Per Minute

  • Beyonce – Halo
  • Bruno Mars – Runaway Baby
  • Rihanna – Man Down
  • David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
  • Kate Nash – Do-Wah-Doo
  • Big Time Rush – Boyfriend
  • The Go-Go’s – This Town

90 Beats Per Minute

  • The Black Eyed Peas – Imma Be
  • Kanye West – Flashing Lights
  • John Mayer – Waiting On the World to Change
  • Incubus – Drive
  • Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song
  • Johnny Cash – Hurt
  • Metric – Gold Guns Girls

Moderate Workouts

120 Beats Per Minute

  • Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight Tonight
  • Taio Cruz & Flo Rida – Hangover
  • Kelly Clarkson – What doesn’t Kill You
  • Depeche Mode – World In My Eyes
  • Michael Jackson – Wanna Be Starting Something
  • Daft Punk – Touch It/Technologic
  • Lady Gaga – Telephone
  • Beyonce – Sweet Dreams
  • Radiohead – Stop Whispering
  • Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – Some Things

140 Beats Per Minute

  • Britney Spears – Womanizer
  • The Killers – Somebody Told Me
  • Journey – Any Way You Want It
  • Billy Joel – It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me
  • Cascada – Every Time We Touch
  • 3OH!3 – My Frist Kiss
  • The Police – Don’t Stand So Close To Me
  • Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc
  • Cartel – The Fortunate
  • Daniel Powter – Bad Day

Hopefully, these tunes help you make that work out a little less excruciating. Besides, working out is good for you! Or so I hear.

Whether you’re a Belieber, a Directioner, or a Ke$honian (yeah I may have made that last one up) turn those tunes up to 11 and let’s get our run on!