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What is The Purpose of a Retreat?



We have all seen it. People who are stressed from work and unable to communicate go away on a retreat and when they return they have an entirely new persona. How does that happen? Well, it is not by chance.

For one thing, it doesn’t just happen. The retreat is a personal and corporate reset opportunity. The purpose of every retreat is to fulfill basic human potential. When corporations hire retreat services, they want the corporate potential to increase through a newly charged group of participants.

Retreats for Businesses

Businesses, like individuals, need recharging every now and then. This is not a sign of personal or corporate unhealthiness. Retreats are beneficial to corporations and individuals who need to clear their heads and who can learn to cope with stress in different ways. A retreat should not have any “destructive” qualities or distractions. Everything on the retreat’s platter should be fun, healthy, positive, and thought-provoking.

The age-old theory is that a retreat enhances our wisdom. Buddhists retreat to reconnect with wisdom, love, compassion, and equanimity. These qualities help Buddhists maintain their perspective.

Retreats tend to show the participants what is true and what is real about themselves, the business, or aspects of their personal life. For individuals, retreats are designed to help the individual examine subtle delusions and identify the root problems. Businesses sponsor retreats expecting the same sort of interaction between what is real and what could be better.

Retreats that use a venue for an activity are extremely popular for businesses that want their teams to get in sync. Corporate and individual retreats are different but the same. The business wants the participants to return to the workforce with a clear head and a plan. They also expect the participants to seriously engage in any stress prevention techniques offered by the retreat organizer.

Stress Relief

Meditation and yoga are two of the most popular exercises for stress relief. Meditation is known to overcome negativity and replace it with a hopeful disposition. Through yoga and meditation, men and women become stronger. They learn how to master their emotions.

On retreats, participants also learn they are not alone. It is okay to ask for help. It is easier to hike the mountain if you have someone with you. And, when you arrive at the top, you can share how far you have come. This is the mindset businesses need today. Focused, emotionally strong participants are what businesses expect from sponsored retreats. And, it works.