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Tape In Hair Extensions



One oil that will stop your hair fall and grow thick long hair

Tape in hair extensions is one of the newest kinds of hair extensions and is the ideal way to add volume and length to hair. They are very quick and easy to apply and most importantly, reusable.

Tape in hair extensions features a strip of tape across the hair weft where it is sewn together. The best type of tape in hair extensions are those made from 100% human hair or Remy’s hair. This is so that they can be curled, cut, and styled like your own hair, resulting in a much more natural look.

With the tape in hair extensions, the tape usually lasts approximately six weeks, however, if the hair is human hair or Remy’s hair, the hair weft can be used again simply by removing the old tape, and putting a new, fresh piece of tape on.

Applying tape in extensions is probably one of the easiest and quickest methods of applying for hair extensions. Your natural hair is parted into thin sections the same width as the hair extensions, and then ‘sandwiched’ between two wefts of the tape in hair extensions to secure them and hide the adhesive tape. This makes them very natural and virtually undetectable.

Apply the tape in extension piece underneath the section of your own hair right up near the root, pressing down on the hair to ensure all hair of the section is stuck to the tape. You then need to apply another piece of the tape in hair extension right on top of the same section of natural hair, sandwiching your own hair between the two wefts.

Removing the tape in hair extensions is also just as easy and can be done so using a specially formulated adhesive remover to gently breakdown the adhesive and loosen the wefts without damaging your own hair. The same remover can be used on the wefts before you apply new tape to reuse the hair extensions.

Tape in hair extensions is a great way to give instant length and volume to your hair and one of the most natural-looking hair extensions. As the tape lies very flat to the head, even ‘up-do’ hairstyles are possible with these hair extensions if they are positioned correctly so that your natural hair will cover the outside.

They are available in a host of colors to suit most people and as long as they are 100% human hair, they can be cut and styled to fit in seamlessly with your own natural hair.