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Anyone Can Be A Creative Genius By Implementing These 4 Techniques



When you were in school you probably decided whether or not you were creative. This was maybe based on how good you were at art or music. Anyone who couldn’t draw or play a song on a piano couldn’t be creative, right? This is unfortunately 100% wrong, but millions of people out there truly believe they don’t have a creative bone in their body because they couldn’t hold a guitar or draw a portrait. This means when you start work you are holding yourself back because of false beliefs.

Imagine how much you could have progressed if you believed you were as creative as everyone else. You could have come up with an idea that changed the world, but you didn’t because you couldn’t play the piano. There’s a reason why creative people are becoming more creative. It’s because they actually train their mind. You can easily train yourself to become more creative by doing special exercises for your mind. It’s a bit like lifting weights to grow bigger muscles. If you finally want to accept you can be as creative as anyone else then here’s a few exercises to get started.

Plant creative seeds

Your subconscious mind is the most creative thing you will ever have. When you sit at your desk and try to come up with something special it’s almost impossible to do. You are basically demanding your subconscious mind comes up with the goods straight away. A better idea is to write down some notes and read them before you go to bed. Now you will drift off to sleep and your subconscious mind will be working behind the scenes to come up with something special. When you wake up in the morning and have another good think you will find yourself coming up with genius ideas that were nowhere to be seen the first time around.

Start practicing trance work

This could be either meditation or hypnosis, it’s really your choice. When you start going into a trance you are connecting with your subconscious mind like never before. You will cut out all the annoying voices in your head and soon you will notice that ideas come out more freely. It’s as if you have nothing blocking their path. When in a state of hypnosis you can tell yourself you will become more creative. When meditating you can try letting your mind run free and coming back with stuff. After you come out of your trance your head will be a lot clearer and you will have genius ideas that way too.

Do things you wouldn’t normally do

We all have things we like to do and they become normal to us. When we try new things we are much more likely to have great ideas. This applies to the people we speak with on a daily basis. When you get out of your comfort zone and start speaking to new people it’s surprising the ideas they can give you without even trying. It’s like our minds just need to be stimulated in new ways and more opportunities will open up to us. I guess you might say to be creative we should be open to anything. Try new activities and speak to new people. See what happens.

Takes notes of everything

Whenever you have a good idea you should write it down, draw it, or anything else you do to keep a record of it. The initial idea might not be brilliant, but it ends up setting off a chain reaction and new ideas will keep coming in. It’s about training yourself to spot ideas and recording them. When your brain figures out you are doing this it will start throwing more at you. Always remember you are one idea away from changing your life. You never know when it will come so don’t stop looking.