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Knock Off Knockers – A Step Too Far?



Long gone are the days when cosmetic surgery was just limited to the rich and famous of Los Angeles; when the papers were plastered with shocking stories of celebrities who had dared to go under the knife, it was something the general public could only imagine. But now, as we are heading towards 2013, cosmetic surgery is available to the masses, whatever your age, job description, wage, anyone can improve their looks with cosmetic surgery. And who’s to blame?

Discount Websites In The Frame

Well according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), it’s down to discount websites advertising plastic surgery at really low prices. Money off and discount vouchers that must be purchased and used within a certain time frame means people are instantly buying cosmetic procedures with no time to think about the implications and whether this is something they actually want to do. We’re all guilty of impulse buying whether it’s that top in the sale or that box of chocolates you just couldn’t resist but now people are impulse buying cosmetic surgery procedures!

Discount voucher websites are good at sucking people in and encouraging people to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. If that means going to a spa and getting pampered or having a meal out with that special someone then great, but it doesn’t end there. It’s encouraging people to go under the knife and leading to people making rash decisions about permanently changing their appearance.

BAAPS president Fazel Fatah says that these discount deals should be banned because it is ‘becoming clear that cosmetic surgery has been converted into a commodity’, a must-have for anyone and everyone.

Advertising – To Ban or Not To Ban

BAAPS have always believed that advertising for cosmetic surgery should be banned altogether, and now even more so. Their argument is that you don’t see advertisements for hip replacements and having your gall bladder removed so why should breast enhancement and nose jobs be advertised – it’s encouraging people to undertake, in some cases, very invasive surgery.

All this comes shortly after the call for all advertising aimed at under 18’s to be banned as well as the removal of any advertising in public spaces in which children could be exposed to it. This, however, seems like an impossible task when cosmetic surgery adverts are everywhere we look, on our TV screens, billboards, magazines, the sides of buses, and decorating the walls of the undergrounds.

The Real Message…

Changing the way you look is an important decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. However attainable cosmetic surgery has become it’s still important that people realize it is, in some cases, a life-changing decision that needs time and consideration, with the help and advice of professionals if need be.

The world of cosmetic surgery is all about enhancement, imperfections, and fine lines, although it seems the finest line is the line between what people will and will not do to change the way they look. And this is being fuelled by the world of advertising, BOGOF, and discount deals on cosmetic surgery leading from people’s views on cosmetic surgery going from ‘never’ to ‘never say never’.