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Tips that Help in Achieving Hollywood Glamour



Most of us at some stage of our lives, aspire to look like and live the lifestyle of the stars in Hollywood. While the lifestyle may be an enviable one and out of reach for us we can definitely try at a much cheaper cost.

What are the salient features in the looks that are common to most Hollywood stars? The majority of them are well-groomed, well dressed, and carry themselves with confidence. Above all, their heartwarming winning smiles keep us enthralled with them. A good set of pearly white teeth which is flashed so often gives an attractive and friendly look and creates a magical effect over the millions of admirers across the world.

The word ‘glamour’ was originally used to define an occult spell that was cast on a person, to make him or she believe that somebody or something was attractive. Today the word glamour signifies an elegant and luxurious appearance that is better than reality. For glamour to be successful, it requires a combination of effortlessness and an appearance that creates a distant and slightly mysterious look. Most Hollywood stars have developed this combination over the years and have managed to become the idol for their fans and followers.

It does take a lot of practice and mindset to be able to create the aura of glamour. Looking good, dressing immaculately and exhibiting confidence and panache, add to the glamour. However, glamour should not be confused with intrinsic fashion, as glamour can also be external and deliberate. More often than not, glamour icons have been people who have an individual style that makes them more attractive. It could be a smile, a raised eyebrow, a type of walk, or even the way you look at people.

A closer look at the glamorous Hollywood icons will reveal that nearly all of them had an individual style that made them attractive to people. Although most of them were good looking, even the ordinary-looking icons managed to look glamorous because of their grooming and distinctive styles. However one should not confuse glamour and success. You could be successful and still not be glamorous, although being successful does add to the glamour.

Achieving a glamorous look like Hollywood icons requires a fair amount of work. Keeping physically fit and attaining a healthy look is as important as keeping up with fashion. It is equally important to feel and look comfortable with your own self and your appearance. It would hardly look glamorous if you keep worrying about tripping on the gown you are wearing.

As important as looks and dressing are, it is also important to connect to the people around you. A glorious smile which may be the result of cosmetic teeth whitening, a word or listening with your head cocked – whatever maybe your individual style, it is important that those around you feel that you are with them.

Being glamorous is a mindset that needs to be developed. The style, the look, and the aura should become a part of you. Your confidence which is projected in the way you carry yourself will automatically draw the attention of others around you and they will in time look to emulate you. That is what makes you feel and look glamorous.