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5 Things Single Women Should Do Before Falling In Love



When you’re single, you tend to focus most of your energy on dating, finding Mr. Right, and falling in love. Sometimes, you focus so much on the future that you forget to embrace the present moment and truly make the most out of being single. When you are in a relationship, your life will drastically change and you might not have time or the chance to do all of the things that you can while you’re a part of one.

Being single doesn’t mean that you are sitting in the corner waiting for a man to enter your life, it means you’re out enjoying all that life has to offer before you’ve even met the guy. To get you started, here are five things single women should do before falling in love.

Take yourself on a date. This doesn’t have to be the standard dinner and a movie date, but it certainly can be! Choose something that you enjoy doing, that makes you feel good and treat yourself. Being alone might feel uncomfortable at first, but relish this time to be alone with your thoughts…you’re good company!

Live alone. Living alone will teach you more about yourself than you ever knew possible. The surge of independence that will be running through your veins can never be taken away.

Be selfish. Have you always wanted to learn French? Now is your chance! Want to explore South America? Book the ticket. This is your rare chance in life to do, or go, wherever your heart desires and make no apologies about it. Soon, when you become more settled it will be difficult to indulge your every passion or get up and go somewhere exciting. Stop waiting!

Embrace your girlfriends. Never forget that your friendships were there before you met the man of your dreams, and they aren’t going anywhere. Friendships tend to change when relationships enter the picture, so when you’re single it’s the perfect time to get in as much girl time as possible. Say yes more often than no, and make it your mission to be an active member of your good friend’s lives.

Try out new hobbies. When you’re single you might find yourself with too much time on your hands and end up feeling a bit bored. Now is your chance to try out just about any hobby on the planet. The beauty of exploring your own interests is that you raise the chances that you’ll naturally bump into a handsome stranger who shares your passions. Win, win!