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Look And Feel More Confident



Looking and feeling confident about yourself is something that’s a lot easier said than done, particularly nowadays with magazines plastered in airbrushed photographs of models and an overwhelming pressure to look good. Although there’s a lot more to it than feeling confident about your looks, it’s a sure step to making you feel better about yourself overall, and is sure to get a notice from other people too!

Feeling good about your image may take a bit of time, but you’ll be sure to reap the benefits once you begin to like how you look. Sometimes all you need is a makeover, a wardrobe overhaul, or just a great haircut to start feeling fantastic about yourself, so here’s a bunch of tips to help you start feeling good about yourself again!

Healthier Eating

‘You are what you eat’. This old –school saying has been repeated over and over again by many a diet guru over the years, however, to some extent, it is true. The food that we put into our bodies greatly affects our hormones, mind-set, and our health overall, so it makes sense that if we don’t give our body what it needs then we won’t feel too great about ourselves.

Starting with the simple steps of eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and drinking about 8 cups of water a day can bring round a significant change to our health, and therefore how we feel about ourselves. This also has the added benefits of giving our skin back its natural healthy glow and will help in preventing spots, the bane of many people’s lives! Cutting down on fatty foods, which often leave us feeling groggy and bloated, can also make a huge difference in our attitude and leave us with more energy at the end of the day, bringing us onto our next step: exercise!

Getting regular exercise

An extremely important aspect of our lives, scientists recommend that we do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, 5 days a week. Finding time to do an exercise can often be a difficult task as many people lead extremely busy lives that don’t leave much spare time at the end of the day. However, it is extremely easy to fit this exercise into your working day, for example taking the stairs instead of the lift or getting off of the bus one stop earlier and walking the rest of the way can both make a small difference to our health, and in the long run how we feel about ourselves.

Losing weight and staying fit is obviously the biggest motivator for many people when it comes to exercise, and whilst this is a very important aspect of exercise it isn’t the only benefit. Exercise can help keep our skin clear, our minds happy and our diets in touch.

Changing your wardrobe

If in the morning you wake up, look at your wardrobe and just pick the clothes that are closest to you then this is a definite sign that you need a clothing overhaul! It’s time to go through your wardrobe, get rid of anything you don’t wear anymore such as that awful jumper you never wore, or the maternity clothes that have been stored away for longer than you can remember and go out and treat yourself to some new attire!

If you don’t feel very fashion-forward, it’s a great idea to take a girlfriend with you who can help you choose some brand new clothing that highlights your best aspects, therefore making you feel a lot nicer in your own skin! You can also book appointments with personal shoppers in some department stores, who have been trained to tell you exactly what style of clothing you’d suit and will help you look your best.

A brand new ‘do

Getting a new hairstyle can completely change the way you feel about yourself, and the options are endless! Simply going to the hairdressers and asking them to switch up your look can do you a world of good, remember, it’s their job to make you look amazing. If you’re feeling particularly brave you could completely change your look, for example, get it cut short or dye it a crazy color, whatever you fancy!

Remember, being healthy and body confidence go hand in hand, and feeling good about yourself is easily achievable by anyone! It doesn’t matter if in the past you haven’t been confident about your looks, now is the time for you to give yourself a treat and get well on the way to achieving that self-confidence that we all strive for!