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4 Tips To Eating Halloween Candy But Staying Healthy



The thing is, you cannot keep eating all you want and expect to lose weight or not have any health problems. But this Halloween season, some people may make an exception and binge on candies. If you’re old enough, no one can tell you to stop eating these sweet treats, and only young children can be commanded by their parents to do so. Thus, if eating candy is unavoidable, here are ways you can do this, while still remaining on the right path to health:

1. Burn off those empty candy calories by working out at some point during the day after Halloween. If the gyms are closed for the day, then 11122do this at home. Choose an exercise routine to benefit your body’s ability to create insulin, so that the candy you have eaten can at least help with muscle formation and healing. Or do strength training exercises.

2. Walk as much as you can for a few days before, during, and after Halloween so that your body burns off calories and makes room for more insulin. On Halloween day itself, don’t use a car to go around the neighborhood trick or treating. Walk and continue to walk to different houses. You could also save on gas as you do this.

3. Eat a heavy meal before you go out trick or treating. If you eat protein-rich foods before you start eating candies, you will eventually eat fewer candies because you would have already felt full. Don’t even try to skip meals on the day of Halloween, thinking all that candy you’re going to eat is fattening enough. A protein-rich meal will also make digestion in your system easier, you actually burn more calories with your food intake.

4. Don’t sweat it. Stress can be bad for your eating habits. Many people, in fact, stress eat. Holidays, just like Halloween, can trigger stress. And the more you imbibe this in your system, the more you are forced to stress eat. Sugar from candies can temporarily make you feel more active, but it’s also empty calories that only go to the places in your body where you don’t want it to.  Relax and enjoy the holiday for what is.  If you are emotionally unable to cope, your body takes over this and overcompensate.

The night of Halloween, enjoy the moment for the next few days, you will be working on keeping all those sugars off and staying healthy.