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Antibacterial Soaps-Is it a Good Idea?



It’s that time again – flu season! When the weather gets colder, it’s not uncommon for people of all ages to develop runny noses and coughs. Sometimes these symptoms worsen until you’re bedridden for the week with body aches and a fever from the full-on flu.

It’s so important – especially now – to do whatever you can to prevent the spread of germs. You can try to stay away from germs, but it’s next to impossible to never come in contact with any germs that could cause the flu (or worse). So when you do come in contact with them, the only thing you can do is kill them.

Antibacterial Soaps and Cleaners

When antibacterial soap hit the market, it was supposed to be a much more effective alternative to regular soap. The harsh, germ-killing chemicals of antibacterial products are able to kill about 99 percent of germs. Sounds like exactly what you need during flu season, doesn’t it? You can wash your hands and clean your house with antibacterial soaps and cleaners, and you’ll be safe and healthy all year long… right?

Powerful Germ Killers

Not so fast. Antibacterial soaps may seem like a good idea, but that might not necessarily be the case. Not all germs are bad; in fact, many germs are actually good, and they help our bodies naturally fight the bad germs. Antibacterial soaps kill the good bacteria, too, and that might not be such a good idea. In reality, the only people who can truly benefit from antibacterial soaps are doctors and other medical professionals. The super-powerful antibacterial cleaners can help them prevent the spread of germs between their patients.

What Should You Use in Your Bathroom?

Many people have antibacterial hand soaps in their bathrooms, but it really is not necessary. Regular soap is more than enough to kill the bad germs that could make you sick. As long as you wash your hands thoroughly with warm water, you’ll be okay. Antibacterial soaps often cost more money, so you don’t have to feel bad about skipping them to save money. Antibacterial soaps can dry your skin out much more, too.

As far as cleaning products go, it’s not necessary to use antibacterial bathroom cleaners or wipes, either. Regular cleaners are fine, and if you want to avoid harsh chemicals altogether, use white vinegar. The acidity of vinegar kills off germs. If you really want an antibacterial cleaner, consider making your own with vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is an essential oil that’s a natural antibacterial agent.

Is It a Bad Idea?

So, are antibacterial soaps actually a bad idea? No; they’re just much more than we need. With regular soap, you’re not at greater risk for getting sick or catching the flu, as long as you wash your hands regularly. To avoid drying out your skin, avoid antibacterial soaps. While antibacterial soaps are harsh, they do still kill germs; so if you’re ever in a pinch, using antibacterial soap is preferable to not washing your hands at all.