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Why Employers Should Be Concerned with the Wellness of Employees



All across the country, employers are developing and implementing programs to promote healthy lifestyle choices for their employees. Employee wellness should be an important concern for you as an employer. Their use in corporate structures has been known to not only improve employees’ health and fitness, but it is also a morale booster and works to increase productivity in the workplace. There are many practical ways that employers can begin wellness programs in their companies.

Fitness Programs

Some companies offer on-site fitness clubs to their employees to use during breaks and after work hours. While many companies may not find this a suitable option, a great alternative is to offer health club membership discounts. Some businesses might have space to host an aerobics program or other fitness classes like yoga and Pilates. Employees will often take advantage of these opportunities.

Rewarding Achievements

Employees who receive rewards for their weight loss or healthy lifestyle achievements will remain focused and motivated to continue. For example, an employer might set a goal for each employee to walk a certain number of miles within a month. Workers who reach the goal receive a reward, such as paid time off or gift cards.

Providing Healthy Meals

A great way to focus your employees on healthy eating as a part of your program is by offering a healthy lunch once a week. You might find that many of your workers lack the necessary knowledge to make healthy food choices. This is a great way to get them started in the right direction toward improving their diets.

Health Screenings

Some employers hire outside companies to come in and provide their employees with health screenings a few times a year. This is a great tool for you as an employer because it will periodically remind your workers what their health goals are, and help them understand the importance of maintaining good health.

Employee Wellness Program Advantages

There are many advantages to beginning a program to enhance the wellness of the employees in your company. Employees who strive for healthier lifestyle choices will take less time off due to illness. Because the program increases the team spirit within your business, you will find that your staff turnover rates go down as well. Yours and your employees’ healthcare costs will decrease. And employees who feel better are more productive which translates into increased profits for your business.

As you begin your own employee wellness program, be sure to evaluate it periodically to find out what is working and what’s not working for you and for your workers. As they watch your interest in their good health increase, it can only mean better days for your business in the future.