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The fitness industry is booming! In this article, we dive into the many different ways budding entrepreneurs can take advantage of this.

Entrepreneurs that are into fitness are in luck as the fitness industry is booming more than ever. People are not only becoming more conscious of their physique; they’re becoming more aware of their health in general. Given this, starting any business in the fitness industry can reap great rewards if set up correctly. There are lots of ways one can penetrate the fitness market from opening a gym to offering set meal services.

Opening a Gym and Managing it

The idea of opening one’s gym can be intimidating, especially if one is still new to the fitness world themselves. While this business venture is more suited for those with tons of fitness experience, newbies can pull this off, too.

The Basics

The first thing one would need to establish before opening a gym is the gym’s purpose. One could set up a gym that caters to beginners, bodybuilders, or both. Would one want their gym to be exclusive to males or females? Should the gym be fundamental for anyone to enjoy? Or should it cater more towards the cross-fit crowd?

Once one has established the gym’s purpose, it’d be easier to plan out the next basic needs:

  • Space
    • Based on the meaning of the gym, one would want to allocate space appropriately. For example, if one’s gym is to hold yoga or barre classes, separate rooms should be made available for these services.
  • Equipment
    • A gym isn’t a gym without equipment! Depending on the gym’s purpose, it should be set up with weight lifting areas, cardio machines, wall mirrors, etc.
  • Personal trainers and staff
    • Not everyone needs personal trainers, but it’d be handy to have them around to monitor gym-goers and help them out when needed. They can help avoid any unwanted accidents (and potential lawsuits) from happening, too.
    • One would need some staff members to clean up and handle the front desk and registration areas.
  • Cleaning equipment
    • Cleaning equipment shouldn’t just be provided to the cleaning crew to clean the restrooms and shower rooms. Gym goers should also have access to cleaning materials so they can clean up after themselves after they use the gym equipment. Nobody likes sweaty equipment!
  • Management software
    • Although one can run a small gym manually, the integration of a gym management system will make things load easier to deal with. Gym membership, maintenance, bills, etc. can be tracked and monitored by a management software and save one from costly problems in the long run.

Putting out Fitness Apparel

People work out to look and feel great about themselves. Doing so in good-looking, functional fitness wear is an added plus! That’s why starting one’s fitness apparel line is another significant business venture in this industry.

The competition might be steep as there are a lot of fitness apparel producers worldwide. But with the growing demand, there isn’t much to worry about so long as one’s apparel line can meet all the following qualities:

  • Fashionable
    • One doesn’t need to follow the latest fashion trends. The important thing here is that customers look good and won’t feel silly when wearing one’s line.
  • Functional
    • This is what people care for the most. One wouldn’t want to put out fitness apparel that limits customers’ range of motion while working out – it’d defeat the purpose of wearing fitness wear.
    • Identify one’s market and make sure the apparel is of good quality enough to handle their daily workout needs. For example, if one puts out leggings that target men and women that are into lower body exercises, those leggings better be squat-proof!
  • Inclusive
    • People come in many different shapes and sizes, so one’s fitness apparel line should be able to cater to most, if not all, of these shapes and sizes.

Offering Meal Plans and Services

There’s a saying that goes, “abs are made in the gym but shown in the kitchen.” And it’s true – there’s no doubt that diet plays a vital role in one’s fitness journey.

One problem fitness enthusiasts have when incorporating a proper diet into their fitness routine is that they don’t have the knowledge or time to stay consistent with healthy meal plans. This is one pain point one can take advantage of and turn into a business venture: providing meal plans and services.

Meal Plans

The simpler of the two business ideas would be to curate weekly meal plans for customers who don’t have any knowledge or experience with eating healthy. This could be as easy as crafting grocery lists and providing healthy recipes that they can follow throughout the week.

The only con to this option is that the income potential isn’t as high as the latter.

Meal Services

This is the more labor-intensive, but more lucrative option. Here, one would provide daily meals to customers subscribed to the service.

One may charge more for a personalized meal plan service as opposed to serving the same meals to all subscribers.

Becoming a YouTube Fitness Influencer

Lot’s of traditional personal trainers have transitioned into online personal training over recent years. But the rise of the fitness YouTuber is real.

This one isn’t exactly a traditional business venture, but it has the potential to provide the same level, if not an even higher level of income, to the right person.

People turn to YouTube when they can’t afford to spend time and money on gym memberships or meal plans. One can take advantage of this by providing them with free workout videos or cooking videos on YouTube.

Once one has established a name for themselves as a fitness influencer, they have the potential to earn big from the following sources:

  • Ads
    • This isn’t the most lucrative source of income for YouTube influencers, and the earning potential would depend on one’s country. But it’s still a pretty decent source of income that one wouldn’t want to miss out on.
  • Brand deals/sponsorships
    • Depending on one’s YouTube stats, one has the potential to earn thousands of dollars from brand deals or sponsorships. Fitness influencers usually strike good deals with supplement manufacturers, gyms, or sports/fitness equipment makers.
  • Merchandise
    • An established YouTube influencer can sell practically anything to their faithful fans. The most common merchandise YouTube fitness influencers put out are fitness wear and paid workout programs.
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