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Solving Back Pain with Spine Surgery



Back pain is a serious problem, especially when it is chronic and no alternative solutions are available. In such a case there is always the option for spine surgery. However, spine surgery is a very complicated and risky procedure. Technological advancements have made the process safer and more available, but there are always risks to consider. Most doctors will first attempt to treat chronic back pain with alternative methods. It is a wonderful thing when such methods actually work and reduce the pain of the sufferer. However, there are many people that feel no positive effects from the alternative treatments and spinal surgery becomes the only option.

Chronic Back Pain

Most chronic back pain is due to damage to the tissue between the spinal discs. Though alternative treatments should be used until they are exhausted, surgery is often the only way to treat such a condition. These tissues can flatten or tear over time. This causes excruciating back pain that can be constant or only occurs at odd times. Usually, these pains come unexpectedly and may prevent the sufferer from performing their required duties at work or home.

Spine Surgery

Spinal surgery will attempt to either repair or replace damaged tissues. One surgical method is called a discectomy. This is often combined with a spinal fusion when the problem disc is removed from the spine and the vertebrae are fused together to offer extra support. Such surgeries are far from minor. As painful as chronic back pain may be, many patients need to understand how serious this type of surgery actually is. Some patients will even prefer to live with the pain that to undergo such a surgery.

When tissue becomes damaged in the spine it allows the discs to press against nerves in the spinal cord. Spine surgery can restore flexibility and even remove this pressure to the nerves altogether. Disc arthroplasty is a more modern procedure that will hopefully one day be evolved enough to treat back pain more efficiently than a spinal fusion. An endoscopic discectomy will only remove the tissues that are causing direct damage to the nerves. This reduces the pain without the dangerous process of removing any spinal discs. However, such a procedure may not be as long-lasting as a spinal fusion. Talk to your doctor before making any major decisions. Spinal surgery is safer than it has ever been in the past, but the dangers are still present.