5 Advantages of Dental Implants


Most of us with dental implants in the Staten Island area can tell you that the advantages over other forms of dentures are clear. Here are the top five advantages to dental implants to help you make the choice in your dental care.

Advantage #1

Dental implants are convenient because they are permanent. Dental implants are really replacement tooth roots and fused to the bone so they are fixed or removable replacement teeth that look like your real teeth. Therefore, you no longer need worry about the embarrassment of having to remove them dealing with gooey adhesives needed to keep traditional dentures in place.

Advantage #2

Dental implants return your mouth to its natural state making every day use much easier. First, it will improve your speech. With fitted dentures that cannot slip and slide in your mouth, mumbled speech or slurred words will cease. So will your confidence in speaking since with no more fear of your slipping teeth. Second, you will have an easier time eating. Dentures can make the simple act of chewing a true chore. With dental implants, painless and easy chewing will return and so will some of your favorite foods. And, you will no longer suffer with painful and irritated gums.

Advantage #3


Dental implants are far more durable and reliable than other kinds of restorations done on the teeth. Dental implants should, with proper care, last your entire lifetime.

Advantage #4

One of the long-term advantages is that they improve your oral health. Dental implants do not require that other natural tooth tissue be sacrificed like tooth-supported bridge requires. In this regard it is tooth saving and so is your long-term oral health since more of your own teeth remain in place. Additionally your oral hygienic is also better because by using individual implants there is better access for cleaning between your teeth.

Advantage #5

Perhaps the best advantage is that your appearance will be improved leading to increased self-esteem and confidence in your looks. Dental implants really do look and feel like your own teeth. And they will look, feel and function like your own teeth so you will gain the confidence to flash your smile since they feel like your own teeth.

For these reasons and more, dental implants are increasingly the choice for people that have lost or are losing their teeth. The success rate for dental implants is between 90% and 100%. So see your dentist about getting dental implants in Staten Island today.

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