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Things to Consider when Getting a New Do



A new haircut is a great way to get a fresh, new look without having to spend a lot of money on new clothes or makeup. A haircut is also a great way to boost confidence and reflect your personality. However, it can also be scary to jump into a new look when you have been comfortable with your current look for so long. To quell some of that anxiety, here are some things to consider when getting a new haircut.

Hair Texture

Natural hair texture ranges from straight to wavy, to tight curls. It is important to understand how your hair behaves at different lengths to know if a new cut will be realistic. This also varies based on how thick or thin your hair is.

If your hair is completely straight but also really thin, longer lengths will tend to look flat and emphasize the thinness of your hair. Instead, you may want to consider a mid-length or short look with lots of layers to make your hair more interesting. Thick, curly hair can become weighted down when worn long, while a longer length can sometimes tame average, wavy hair.

Of course, changing the texture of your hair is always an option if you are willing to do a perm or use heated styling products every day.

Age/Life Status

Recognize that certain looks tend to remind people of a teenage girl while others remind people of their grandma. When experimenting with looks think about how you want to represent yourself to others. If you are young, go ahead and try a fun girlish look. However, recognize that if you are thinking of launching a career or naturally tend to look younger than you are, a more mature look may be to your advantage.

Choosing a Stylist

The type of stylist you choose should depend on how complicated a cut you are wanting, how exact you can be in explaining the look, and the number of styling suggestions you would like. If the cut you want is simple and easy to explain, a basic walk-in salon or beauty school should work for you. The stylists are trained to ask how many inches you want off, what kind of layers you want, and rely on you to tell them what it is you want.

If you are going with a more complicated look you are unfamiliar with and are unsure of how to achieve a particular look, you may want to consider a boutique salon, such as Beautylicious Salon. Boutique Salons get to know their customers and can offer styling advice. They also have more experience and will better understand what you are looking for from general descriptions.