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Health Benefits Your Family Will Get From Freeze-Dried Fruits and Vegetables



Freeze-dried food is often touted as the perfect food for survival, but many people do not realize just how good for you it is. In addition to being light enough to carry easily, food prepared this way is easily reconstituted without loss to flavor or nutrition.

The process of freeze-drying is simple enough. The food is frozen and the water removed, leaving the items intact. This is one of the best methods of preservation out there, thanks to the fact that the food does not lose any nutrients during the process. The volume remains the same while the weight is reduced by around 90%.

The Health Benefits of Freeze Drying

Anyone interested in his or her health will realize that the most nutritious food is always the best choice. Unfortunately, there are many situations where storing fresh fruit and vegetables simply is not an option. In these cases, you will need another way to keep the same nutrients handy. Tinned foods tend to add sodium and the cooking process can severely reduce the number of nutrients in the vegetables, as well.

Freeze-dried items keep the same nutrients and calories as they had before the water was removed. They are easy to pack and carry, as well, regaining the same texture and consistency when the water is replaced again.

One of the biggest problems faced in situations where you need to use your food storage is malnutrition. It is not uncommon to lack certain vitamins and minerals when eating only dry or tinned foods. It is best to have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables on hand to supplement the pasta, rice, and crackers that you will otherwise be eating.

Getting picky eaters or children to eat when food is less than desirable can also be difficult and result in malnutrition. While all the experts suggest having some family favorites on hand, that is difficult if your family enjoys foods that are not easily stored. You will have much better luck getting kids to eat if they have their favorite foods ready to go with a little water to restore the texture.

The fact that freeze-drying adds nothing to the food is another bonus. You will not be dealing with multiple preservatives or food dyes and will be able to enjoy the food 100% natural. In addition, freeze-dried food lasts for up to 20 years when stored correctly, as opposed to 1 year for canned food.