Encouraging Workplace Wellbeing


If boosting employee engagement and increasing employee’s health and wellbeing is high on your businesses agenda then a workplace wellness day might just do the trick.

Wellness days held in the office can often be used to communicate and emphasise the benefits schemes that are offered as part of formal employer paid package schemes or as flexible or voluntary benefits.  By highlighting these benefits it increases staff awareness about what is on offer to them and can offer a preventative approach to healthcare.

A number of activities are vital when putting on a workplace wellness day.  We have included just a few that will ensure that the day will go off without a hitch.

Presentations and Workshops

Holding one hour workshops and presentations will allow you to cover any points that you wish to make in an engaging and succinct way.  Smaller groups may be ideal then it could almost turn into a conversational session so if people had any concerns or are unsure with the information that is being fed they can express that in an informal chatty way.  Linking these sessions with national health days such as World Mental Health Day means you can provide topical information that is useful to your staff and business as well as educating workers on the grander scale of certain issues.

Health Assessments


You could organise a health professional to come into the office and carry out health assessments for staff.  They can check over your workforce for things such as body fat, cholesterol, lung function and blood pressure which can give the individual an overview to what condition they are in and more importantly, right the wrongs.


As part of your companies workplace wellness day classes can be organised where people can participate in activities such as Zumba, aerobics and kick boxing.  This will encourage people to get moving and use their lunchtimes wisely getting fit and ultimately have the staff feeling better about themselves.

Provider Road Shows

Setting up a zone within the office where a health provider could come and promote health and wellbeing products and showcase what benefits they offer to staff.  Making the connection between supplier and customer can be an engaging experience for both.

We hope that this short guide is helpful when reaching out to staff and highlighting programmes which are readily available.  Staff are sometimes unawares of the schemes that are open to them and by participating actively could ensure a better future wellbeing.

Jenny Jones has contributed to many blogs.  She specialises in wrtiting about health and fitness as well as corporate healthcare.  Her work can also be seen at Followhealth and bmi4sme.


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