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Top 4 Tips To Mattress Buying Online



Top 4 tips to mattress buying online

People are buying everything online these days, from food and clothing to cars and boats. It really is an online shopping experience the digital age has brought to the home. However, some people are still wary of buying a mattress online. This can be attributed to the need to test drive a mattress before shelling out hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on a new bed.

But the perception of buying a mattress online is changing. More and more people are opting for beds online due to shipping and affordability. And people are generally pleased with their purchases. There also may be an increased health and wellness component as well. Since buying a new mattress every five years can ensure you’re getting the best night sleep, when done right.

“The cost of poor sleep is much greater than many people think: it may have profound consequences for our long-term health,” The Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School explained. “Research has revealed that people who consistently fail to get enough sleep are at an increased risk of chronic disease.”

Are you ready for a new mattress, better sleep, possibly a boost in health and wellness, and ready to give online bed buying a shot? The following top four tips to mattress buying online can be your quick guide.

1. Do plenty of online mattress browsing

The first step to buying a mattress online is to do your due diligence. Don’t simply hop on Amazon and buy the top rated bed you find. Do research on different types of beds and brands, like this comparison of nectar and tuft and needle from Sleepare.

You can do research on the type of sleeper you are and how the type of bed you purchase can affect that. And don’t forget to do some price comparisons as well. Check websites like Wayfair, eBay, Overstock, and Macy’s to get price and brand notes for when it’s time to try out your top choices in stores.

2. Bring the in store experience home

You can do your research online and try out mattresses in a store, or you can bring the mattress to you. This is the new trend in online mattress buying that makes sense for customers like you, as well as the mattress companies. It gives you the ability to buy a bed, test it out, and return it if you aren’t feeling the love in your bedroom.

How does this work? You buy the mattress you like online and it gets delivered right to your home. Then you have around three months to sleep on it and see how you like it. If you don’t like it after the trial period, you can return it and get a 100 percent refund. It’s really that simple.

3. Not all mattresses are created equal

When buying a mattress online, it’s critical to know the type of mattress you’re getting and the extra requirements you’ll need to have in place at home. Beds are delivered in all shapes and sizes. For instance, memory foam is delivered in a long, narrow box that is easy to get into your bedroom. Once you cut away the box and vacuum-sealed packaging, it expands into a bed over a 24 hour period.

This is fun to watch, but what about your bed frame? Memory foam mattresses need to be on slatted bed frames to ensure support and to reduce chances of damage from a box spring. A slatted bed frame is an extra cost, so it’s important to know what you’ll need before making the purchase online.

4. Have a long enough mattress trial period

If you’re buying a mattress online and giving it a go at home, you need enough time in the trial period to make a decision. For instance, a memory foam mattress can take a few months to soften up to your liking. If you don’t give it enough time, you may be returning the bed that is right for you without knowing it.

Most mattress companies will give you around 100 days to sleep on it. Some even give a full year trial period. But you should generally steer clear of trial periods less than 60 days, since that’s just not enough time to really get cozy with your new bed.

Buy your new mattress online today

The taboo of buying a mattress online is pretty much over. You can get excellent quality and comfort online at a price that can be 50 percent less than what you might pay in-store. Do some browsing, read plenty of reviews, and have fun picking out your new bed. It is an investment that you can sleep soundly on.

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