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8 Reasons Why Training With Weights Is Important For Your Health



8 reasons why training with weights is important for your health

Weight training is an essential part of anyone’s exercise regime, whether it is the focus or part of a complimentary cardio schedule, there are plenty of reasons to weight train. Exercise, in general, is fantastic for your health; for fighting disease, helping you live longer and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These eight points will show you why you should consider weight training in your lifestyle regimen as a health booster.

Good Night’s Sleep

Exercising regularly is a good way to regulate your body’s waking and sleeping cycles. People who exercise, particularly those who do strenuous activity such as weight training, find their sleep improves. So incorporate this type of exercise into your regimen to get a full night of zzz’s.

Protect Your Bones

Weight-bearing exercises are great for adding not only to your muscle mass but also your bone density. If you are concerned about bone conditions, or even just fractures as you age, then weight lifting can help. The pressure tells your body to increase bone density and the muscles create a strong barrier towards impact. A good place to start is to strengthen your back muscles which works on your core ability which is fundamental to a healthy body.

Reduced Injury

Weight trainers put a lot of emphasis on the technique of each lift which means you train your body how to work out. With good technique comes good practice and, ultimately,  fewer injuries.

Knowing how to workout filters out to every other physical aspect of your life: your cardio exercise, how you walk and even how you sit. Your posture will also improve, which becomes increasingly important in reducing unnecessary strain on certain muscle groups, especially if you have a desk facing job which involves a lot of sitting.

Complement Your Cardio

Stronger muscles make for faster running, swimming, and cycling. Cultivating muscle strength is great for the health of any athlete, so if you are heading for the triathlon this summer or are part of the local soccer team, weight training is a great way to complement and improve your overall performance.

Heart Health

The heart is also a muscle, though not one you can weight train directly. Still, this essential organ gains the benefits of strength workouts. It beats more powerfully to pump blood around your body more efficiently which in turn has a host of benefits. You will feel less out of breath and be able to exercise for longer.

Happier You

It’s well known that exercise produces endorphins that make you feel good. Having a happy boost is great for your self-esteem and helps you get back to the gym. Half the challenge of establishing an exercise routine is wanting to work out. Since weight training doesn’t need to take all day, has noticeable results and makes you feel great, it’s a fantastic option for anyone looking to get back to the gym.

Boosts Metabolism

As your muscles get stronger they require more energy and this increases your metabolism. Higher metabolism has a host of benefits for your wider health, including a boost to your immune system and just generally feeling like you have more energy.

A Shorter Workout

A weight training routine can take less than thirty minutes and still have a great effect on your body health. More is not always better when it comes to weight lifting. Your muscles only need a certain amount of exercise- any more and they’ll get damaged.

While not intrinsically a health benefit, a shorter workout reduces the stress of needing to exercise, especially when you’re starting a new routine, traveling, or embarking on any new adventure.

The best thing about weight training workouts is that you can do them anywhere. Even just your body weight is a great short term alternative to specialist weights and you don’t need a lot of space to workout.

If you are thinking of starting a home gym, then check out this guide on how to choose your own weight training machines. There are plenty of ways to get into weight lifting, and it’s the ideal sport if you’re short on cash or prefer to stay at home.

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