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Wakaya Perfection on the Benefits of Ginger for Aiding in Detoxification



Wakaya perfection on the benefits of ginger for aiding in detoxification

Wakaya Perfection is a health and wellness company. Their cornerstone products come from the Fiji Islands with the purest air and rainfall anywhere on earth. Wakaya’s ginger is grown there exclusively and sold all around the world. On virgin volcanic farmland owned by David Gilmour, the founder of FIJI Water, Wakaya Perfection produces the finest ginger crops available.

Ginger has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. It has an impressive array of health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

As a component of a detox cleanse, ginger is invaluable. Wakaya Perfection explains the benefits of using ginger as a part of your detoxification regimen, and gives suggestions on how you can add it to your diet for better health.

What is Ginger?

Ginger, or Zingiber officinale is related to turmeric and cardamom. The rhizome, or underground stem of the plant is used therapeutically. Ground, juiced, or grated, ginger adds its distinctive, peppery flavor to detox drinks, smoothies, teas, and other foods.

Ginger has dozens of documented health benefits. Ginger has been used over the centuries in Ayurvedic (Eastern Indian), Arabic, Greek, Roman, and Chinese medicine.

Ginger may enhance weight loss, fight infections, and even support healthy cholesterol.

Benefits of Ginger

People who are interested in detox drinks often look for the healthiest ingredients which will help their bodies overcome the negative effects of processed food. Ginger can also help to “reset” the digestive system.


Ginger is an anti-inflammatory which may be able to reduce the serious effects of inflammation on the body. Ginger can also help to reduce allergy symptoms that are related to inflammation.


Ginger is a strong antioxidant. Antioxidants work by fighting reactive oxygen, which causes cell damage and oxidative stress. Your body makes antioxidants naturally, but they can be suppressed through poor lifestyle choices like smoking and alcohol use.

Antioxidants may help to mitigate the signs of aging and slow the progress or onset of various neurodegenerative conditions.

Digestion and Anti-Nausea

One of the most common uses of ginger is in relieving nausea and stomach problems. Many traditional medicine systems have used ginger for this purpose. It is especially useful for morning sickness during pregnancy, and may also help patients undergoing chemotherapy feel less nauseous.

Pain Relief

Ginger may help to temporarily reduce duration and intensity of pain. One scientific study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that ginger is just as effective as ibuprofen on menstrual pains.

Detox with Ginger

Detox juices and teas frequently contain ginger. These preparations can help the digestive system normalize itself if a person has recently used anti-biotics or who’s diet is heavy in other flora killing chemicals or artificial ingredients. A regular detox regimen can also help to reduce stress and protect the digestive system on an ongoing basis.

A popular recipe for good health is ginger, lemon, and honey detox water. This preparation is made by slicing lemons, then adding Wakaya Perfection’s ginger powder.

Lemon slices can be added to the bottom of a mug together with a squeeze of honey. Mix these ingredients well and sip all day long. Warm water can be added to the mug all day, providing a lasting benefit.

Use Ginger for Good Health

The proven health benefits of ginger make it a valuable addition to a healthy diet. Detoxing with ginger is simple and easy, and the ginger itself will help prevent nausea. Wakaya Perfection says that together with other healthy foods, ginger can help to strengthen your body and make you less vulnerable to free-radicals and toxins.

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