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Watching over Grandpa’s Health



Do you have the responsibility of taking care of your grandparents? It isn’t easy to watch someone who has a lot of needs. It’s harder still when you live in the fast-paced state of New York. Not knowing exactly what is wrong and what to do can be scary at times. Three areas that you are should pay attention to are your grandparents’ heart, diet, and teeth.

They are probably continually saying something about their teeth, if they are going to fall out, and if they need dentures or implants. Staten Island Oral Surgeons can conduct checkups, cleanings, and even put in implants or give your grandparents the dentures they need so that they can continue to eat healthy food so that their hearts remain strong. Here are some tips for you to consider in helping your grandparents take care of these issues:

The Heart

For the human heart to stay healthy, diet and exercise are vital. Even though the elderly cannot exercise like everyone else, they can still get out and walk around to keep their blood flowing. Exercise will also help them to sleep better, which will naturally keep their hearts healthy. Always ask questions about pain in their arms, chest, and upper back. They should also take aspirin every day if the doctor says it is ok to do so.

Diet Plans

The elderly are at an increased risk for diabetes, clogged arteries, and other issues that can be helped by diet control. Lots of sugar increases diabetes. Eating fattening junk foods can cause clogged arteries, which can easily lead to strokes and heart attacks. Be very watchful over what your grandparents are eating. Take them out once every other week to get fresh produce and healthy food. No matter what they say, remind them that eating healthy is necessary for them.

Tooth Problems

Dental problems become more severe with age. Do your grandparents complain about how hard it is to chew their food, or do they have tooth pain? Have they already lost teeth? If so, they may need dentures or even implants. To continue to eat healthily and chew their food correctly, they must have all of their teeth. Cavities and periodontal disease get worse as you get older. If you don’t take care of your teeth, more severe problems can occur. Make sure they are brushing their teeth at least twice a day and flossing. Staten Island Oral Surgeons are gentle dentists who will safely and effectively help your grandparents with all of their dental needs.