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Smartphone Apps That Every Doctor Or Medical Student Needs



Modern medicine has grown since its inception. Which 18th-century doctor could have imagined a Smartphone with apps being used to help doctors and medical students? Yet this is a reality today. Let us explore some exceptional Smartphone apps that are making life easier for doctors and medical students.


The best thing about this app is that it is free. All you need to spend is some time and bandwidth to download it. It is a highly useful tool for decision support and helps you find the correct answers straight away. You can use Skyscape on several mobile platforms including Blackberry, Android, and iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch).

When you buy Skyscape you get several free resources along with it. These include MedAlert which notifies you with drug alerts, clinical news, and latest trial results. You also get Outlines in Clinical Medicine with this app. This gives you clinical information on several hundred areas presented in a convenient format – this is evidence-based information.

The Archimedes medical calculator comes bundled with Skyscape. It features more than 200 interactive tools sorted by specialty. Get comprehensive information on thousands of generics and brands with RXDrugs that comes with Skyscape.  You get formulary information covering every US state and 5000 health plans. In addition, it comes with dosing calculators, pill images, and an interaction checkers. Skyscape is a must-have for every doctor and medical student.


This is touted as the leading iPad app for clinicians. It has no upgrade costs or subscription fees. Every feature is available for free. With this app you get fast drug reference tools – you can look up pediatric and adult drug dosing information within seconds. In addition, you can get formulary information to help you support patient care. Access medical calculators and check drug interactions with this great app.

This app also allows for disease and condition reference based on evidence. In addition, you get the latest specialty based medical news with this app. Complete courses to fulfill licensure requirements and for professional development with this great app.

Muscle Trigger Point

It costs $2 to buy but it is a fantastic app – one that works great for every medical professional. It is used as an anatomy reference with referral patterns for more than 70 muscles and common trigger points.  The point location and visual reference pattern for each muscle and written muscle action are also provided by this app. This app is a superb way to discover sources of pain.

Trigger points cause pain elsewhere in the physical system and are tight points in muscles. This app is highly useful to chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists as well as everyone wishing to understand the functioning of muscles and find the source of pain.

Medpage Today Mobile

This fantastic app gives you free CME/CE credits, comprehensive reference information, and breaking medical news. It covers 30 specialties every day and covers over 60 meetings and symposia annually.

This is the only service that looks at breaking medical news from the point of view of a clinical perspective.  Each article is written in a manner that the implications of the breaking medical news can be understood. All in all, this is one great app for medical practitioners and students.

There was a time when doctors needed bulky lab equipment to help them out. Now, these amazing apps have simplified the life of both doctors and patients.