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How Can We Improve Our Memory Function?



How can we improve our memory function?

Everyday stress and progressing age can deteriorate memory capacity. Our brain cells degenerate under prolonged stress and age-related deficiencies. While everyone has moments of forgetfulness in the hustle-bustle of daily life, frequent episodes of such tendencies could be frustrating.

Genetics and some serious diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s can affect human memory capacity. But, research proves that diet and lifestyle also impacts memory capabilities. Hence, there are lot of useful ways in which we can increase our mental prowess.

Along with that, brain health supplements can be beneficial. Top Brain Enhancements, a reputed reviewer of nootropic drugs, says that Cognium is a breakthrough drug for brain health. Before asking the question: does it really work, let’s look at some ways to boost memory capacity without using supplements.


Working memory comprises of new information, which we register the whole day. Knowing someone’s name for the first time, or hearing about the breaking news of the day, are examples of things we include in working memory.

While we discard most of this information, we retain a small part of it for long-term memory; to be recalled later.

It is good to have a strong working memory; we should be able to hold at least 7 items in this space, as normal individuals. Meditation can be a great way to improve our working memory.

Our brain stops processing information actively, like its used to, when we meditate. Hence a lot of noise and distraction is filtered off, allowing us to improve concentration and memory capacity in the long-run.

Decrease Sugar Intake

High sugar-laden diets have been associated with cognitive decline and decreased memory capacity. It has also resulted in decreased brain volume, particularly in the areas which store short-term memories.

Replace sugar with whole grains, which can release steady dosage of sugar in our blood stream, to fuel brain activities. It will also lead to improved overall health.

Try Games for Brain Exercises

Crossword puzzles, word-recall games and scrabble are good games to train the brain. Number games, like sudoku, have also become popular for boosting brain power. Nowadays, there are mobile apps that can help in memory training programs.

Brain-training games are also good for the elderly, as to slow the cognitive decline.

Brain Health Supplement: Natrol Cognium

Made of CERA Q Powder, proteins derived from cocoon of silkworm, which helps preventing buildup of amyloid plaque in brain, Natrol Cognium helps in improving memory and concentration.

With regard to dosage & side effects; recommended dosage of this pill is not more than two a day, preferably along with meals. Side effects are uncommon, although the pill is not for lactating or pregnant women, and also for those who are under prior medication.

It is among the few brain health supplements that have been studied vigorously for results and side-effects. Moreover, as CERA Q Powder prevents amyloid build-up, a key known cause of Alzheimer’s disease, the reviews of Cognium are favorable so far.

Other ingredients include maltodextrin, glycerin, stearic acid, di-calcium phosphate and microcrystalline cellulose.

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