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6 movies about professional motivation you need to watch!



6 movies about professional motivation you need to watch!

Having professional motivation is always good, right? But did you know that movies can be used for this? Through other stories, based on real facts or metaphors of some event, it is possible to draw lessons for personal life and, of course, to apply them to work.

In the midst of thousands of films already launched worldwide, there are always those that are more successful precisely by giving some kind of lesson that can be harnessed. And be sure that being motivated at work will ensure better results in the activities performed, as well as an ever-healthy relationship with the team.

In this article, we’ll show you 6 examples of professional motivation movies that will make a difference in your life. If you want more and more satisfactory performance at work, follow through this article. The suggested list will inspire you strongly as fury road quotes, so do not miss our suggestions!

  1. The King’s Speech

Imagine a king, commander of an entire nation, who can not speak in public? It does not take royalty to conclude that having communication difficulties can be a big problem for most careers.

The King’s Speech portrays the power of overcoming and the importance of hard work to overcome difficulties. So it’s on our list of professional motivational films.

In short, the story tells the story of George, a member of British royalty. He faces problems because he often needs to make speeches, despite being a stutterer since he was 4 years old. Throughout the film, several doctors are sought after, but none solves the problem until a therapist begins to change the picture.

The monarch finds a professional who works his self-confidence and discovers the root of the issue: low self-esteem, caused by childhood abuse and absence of parents. Winner of 4 awards at the Oscars, this is a great inspiration for those who seek to overcome limitations and problems of self-esteem to advance in the race.

  1. The Pursuit of Happiness

The film is based on a true story, tells the story of an American who has to overcome many obstacles in order to support his son. With discipline, perseverance, and effort, overcoming challenges that would make many people give up the dream, the main character seeks professional growth.

Throughout the film, it is also shown how entrepreneurship can be the key to success. Although he listens to many “no’s” when looking for new companies, he tries to achieve success on his own merits.

Another point addressed is the need to build strong relationships with coworkers and bosses to gain opportunities. Acquiring knowledge is yet another secret to success.

  1. Blindness

The ability to change and adapt to difficulties is one of the main lessons brought by Blindness. In a few days, a city is dominated by a virus that leaves people blind. The epidemic calls for government intervention, which begins to keep these individuals confined to prevent the disease from spreading.

With the virus spreading, the population needs a survival instinct never seen before. The screenplay portrays how flexible it is necessary to be flexible in the face of difficulties. That is: Even when you encounter obstacles that seem impossible in the workplace, remember that there is a way out of everything.

  1. Inglourious Basterds

The film takes place during World War II and tells the story of a group of American Jews (the bastards) trying to end the so-called Third Reich. In addition, a Jewess who managed to escape the Nazis seeks revenge.

This is the script for Inglourious Basterds – which, behind it, can contain several lessons.

One is how negotiation tactics, persuasion, and group work can be instrumental in overcoming adversity. The bastards knew they had to leave a lot of things aside so they could win over the Nazis.

Another issue portrayed is the importance, in many cases, of proving its value and working tirelessly, as in a new job.

  1. The Chicken Run

By changing a little genre, children’s films and animations always have important lessons for adults. One of them is The Chicken Run, which strongly portrays the importance of leadership and teamwork to achieve results, serving as a prime example of films about professional motivation.

The animation tells the story of chickens that live on an English farm from the 1950s and do their job, but always dreaming of a better life. Until a foreign rooster emerges and tells them what happens to chickens in an environment like that. So they plan a way out of the chicken coop and fool the farm manager.

  1. Coach Carter: Training for Life

Movies that involve sports are always exciting from the point of view of professional motivation. One of them is Coach Carter: Life Coaching, which shows great ways to motivate people, recover talent, and manage a team to get the expected results.

It depicts the history of the basketball team of an American school located in an unsafe and marginalized region. The players go through difficulties and do not know if they really want to play basketball.

The team coach (who names the film) then gives examples of discipline and puts clear results as life goals of the players, creating a winning culture. That is: it is an interesting example for those who want to work their own motivation or that of colleagues.


Research shows that employees evaluate how excellent places to work for companies that care about motivation in the work they do. This factor is put ahead even of the remuneration as a fundamental question in a job.

Another study reveals that practices aimed at improving the quality of life at work positively impact productivity. This is because it is perceived as a greater commitment, more fidelity to the company and the improvement of the internal climate, among other factors.

As we have seen, movies about professional motivation can be of great value to those who want to grow in the workplace and develop new skills. So try to fit the lessons of each film into your day-to-day business.

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