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Is Spa Designed For Everyone?



In the life of continuous communication, growing family and career needs, financial uncertainty, and rising demands for time, uncovering solutions to stabilize our stress can be tricky. It is no surprise the levels of illness are at record highs.

Based on the American Medical Association, stress is found to be the culprit in over 75% of illness cases today. Because of so many things fighting for our attention, it’s hard to take some time to look after ourselves.

Are you one of the millions of Brits who have sensed the change in their lives after they pay a visit to the spa? Spas provide a unique retreat from a stressful pace.

Spa is an excellent excuse to relax and disconnect from the world. It’s a place to rest while you revitalize your body, mind, and soul. The chance to bring your psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual selves back into position!

No matter how long you spend in a spa, it offers you peace, comfort, and direction that will build a healthier way of life.

I am a diabetic patient. Can I still visit a spa?

Yes, you can provided that you take the required precautions. To make more efficient use of insulin produced in type -2 diabetic people, it is recommended to exercise as it is one of the best ways to help achieve that. Massage therapy can considerably improve serum insulin action, thus reducing blood sugar levels in type-1 diabetic people.

Some reports have even recommended that regular massage may support stabilize blood glucose levels, minimizing stress and anxiety, depression, headaches, and anger.

Nevertheless, more research is required to explain the advantages that massage therapy may have as a complementary remedy for diabetes. While there is no proof that massage is dangerous or unsafe for those who have diabetes, some aspects of your situation indicate that you need to plan your massage therapy cautiously to avoid any adverse effects.

Industry experts claim that those with diabetes stick to these general safety measures when going for a massage.

Similar to exercise, it is not advisable to plan a massage during the high insulin activity. If you intake moderate-acting insulin at breakfast, it would be an excellent time to plan a massage after eight hours.

If you use a fast-acting or instant acting insulin, the best time for a massage therapy would be around one to three hours after insulin injection. If you are taking insulin, check your blood sugar levels properly after and before massage to see for the dropping levels.

If your blood sugar levels are low or normal (<120 mg/dl) before going for a massage, you may want to have something before going for your massage. You need to check your insulin level after a massage to see if you ate the right portion of food or not. If your blood sugar levels before massage are in proper amounts to use insulin supplements, you may need to use a slightly less quantity of insulin before going for a spa massage.

If you are getting started with regular massage, check your blood sugar levels a couple of times a day, such as before eating your lunch or dinner and before bedtime to find out if the massage therapy is impacting your sugar levels and if you need to change your medication.

Almost all the research on massage therapy and diabetes, found no evidence of any adverse effects, investigated Swedish massage procedures. Therefore use a specialist skilled in these techniques and certified with a qualified association. After you plan for your treatment, it is recommended to consult your therapist.

Inform them if you take insulin shots and the details of when and where to do it usually. In case you are a diabetic person, you may need to talk to your GP or healthcare team before planning for a massage, if it is even for just relaxing. There is a possible risk that massage for people who have diabetes may stimulate hypoglycemia in patients using insulin caused by reduced blood sugar levels.

Nevertheless, studies haven’t reported any adverse effects from a body massage or acupressure. So, be cautious and enjoy your spa weekend breaks.

If you went shopping and bought some new things for you, you will feel excited and revitalized for the day or two. You will feel the same if you give that special treat to your body with spa treatments. You need to do some things in life to make it exciting and beautiful as well.