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Conservative Politics and Withstanding Anxiety



Despite the way it has been reported in the media, the beliefs within social conservatism are stronger than ever across the United States. Conservative political candidates are in extremely high regard, and with the upcoming election, it’s clear that the more conservative the candidate, the stronger their candidacy.

But those that hold conservative beliefs often find themselves mercilessly attacked for those very same beliefs. Liberals and moderates rarely receive the same level of scrutiny, despite very little evidence that their opinions are more highly regarded amidst the general population. With so many attacks and character assassinations, it would be no surprise to see many conservative political candidates quit their careers after letting the anxiety and stress overcome them.

Yet conservative candidates have held strong – barely any are retiring after the upcoming election, and those that are retiring are doing so because they’ve worked in the government most of their lives, It’s time to enjoy other ventures. How is it possible for these candidates to withstand all of that stress without letting it affect them mentally?

Qualities of Conservatives

Social conservatives generally have personality traits that are conducive to withstand the high level of emotional abuse they receive from the media – personality traits that socially liberal political candidates do not share. These include:

• Strong Core Beliefs – When you have strong, unwavering core beliefs, you’ll find that you have an assuredness that prevents these personal attacks from affecting you. Conservatives believe so strongly that no amount of verbal or emotional abuse can make them doubt their beliefs, and with belief comes conviction and mental strength. Those are important traits to withstand the emotional attacks that would otherwise cripple someone with weakness in their belief systems.

• Moral Strength – Many recent studies have shown that conservatives show much stronger overall morals. Moderate/liberal researcher Jonathan Haidt found that cultures generally have five types of morality, and conservatives rank highly in all five, while liberals only rank highly in two. Morality allows conservatives to stand by what they’re fighting for, knowing that they have an opinion that is based in a true belief system – one that has the best interests of the entire community in mind.

• Supportive Atmosphere – Conservatives show a high degree of support for each other’s policies and beliefs, often rallying behind them in a considerable number and showing solidarity in their convictions. Compare this to members of the opposing group, whose beliefs tend to be across the spectrum and often find themselves in argument with one another. Support creates confidence and courage, so the supportive atmosphere in conservative politics allows these individuals to place more strength behind their fight, and withstand the barrage of media attacks.

These qualities are not just present in politicians, either. Conservative voters (and non-voters) also have these same personality traits, which allow them to necessarily “fight back” mentally over the way they’re treated for what they truly believe. Conservatives are generally able to recognize that how they’re treated doesn’t affect what they think. So they hold to themselves in a way that social liberals are usually unable to match.

Emotional Wellness and Beliefs

Anxiety and stress are powerful. When they manage to get hold of you, it can be nearly impossible to break free without a considerable amount of treatment and support. The evidence that conservative principles allow these political candidates – and conservatives across the country – to withstand the abuse they receive is proven every day, when no matter what is said against them or what they’re generally put through fails to cause them to either lose their moral convictions or find the political system to be overwhelming. It’s incredible how much strength in belief can improve the mental wellness of those under significant stress, and it’s something that others can learn from when it comes to living a life that is geared towards greater happiness.