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Show Your True Colors: Expressing Yourself While Staying Safe and Comfortable Outdoors



Show your true colors: expressing yourself while staying safe and comfortable outdoors

Just because warmer temperatures are on the horizon for much of the country doesn’t mean you don’t need a good jacket to allow you to enjoy the outdoors while staying safe and comfortable.

Whether you’re climbing mountains, wandering windy coastlines, or braving a chilly night in a tent, you’re likely to find yourself shivering even in the middle of summer without an extra layer — or two — of protection. 

But when you want to express yourself on the trails, the last thing you want to do is cover up those colorful, fun summer outfits with a dull jacket. Luckily, you don’t have to. Keep reading to learn how you can show your true colors without sacrificing safety, all while exploring and enjoying the outdoors.

Go Bold in a Bright Hue

If you love clothing that’s as colorful as your personality, purchasing a bold, bright jacket in a fun hue is a great choice. 

When you pick a trendy tone like sky blue, orange or a variation on Pantone’s Color of the Year, Living Coral, you’ll never mind having to throw on your jacket.

Likewise, if you’re someone who likes to mix up your wardrobe every year or so, or even every few months, it’s best to stick to a lightweight outer layer in a bold color. Then, stick to more classic layers underneath. That way, when you want something new, you only have to replace that outer layer.

Swap Your Classic Jacket for a Pullover

Your jacket doesn’t have to take away from your summer outfit. If you’re sick of covering up that cute hiking tee with a classic jacket, it’s time for a change.

With a fun, modern alternative like a down pullover or 3/4 zip jacket, your warmest layer suddenly becomes a central part of your outfit.

Either option lends a sporty touch when paired with leggings or shorts. They are warm enough to protect you from a chill, yet still lightweight enough to throw in your bag or tie around your waist when you don’t need them.

Find Your Staple Wind-Break Layer

Even when the temperatures outside are warm, the wind can leave you shivering. Not all jackets are designed for handling this.

While a warm fleece zip-up can keep you comfortable when snuggled up in your sleeping bag at night — and a down jacket is great for protecting against an early morning chill — both are prone to letting the wind blow right through to your skin. 

A windbreaker will lock out that breeze, no matter how strong. Buy a size up so you can layer your windbreaker over your favorite sweatshirt or jacket.

Lock Out Moisture

Wind isn’t the only thing that can leave you feeling chilly, even in relatively warm temperatures.

In fact, in windy or wet conditions, hypothermia can strike even when it’s 50 degrees outside. Even if you think that’s too warm for long sleeves, protecting yourself from moisture is a must.

That windbreaker you’re layering should also be waterproof. This will not only keep you safe but also let you keep those underlayers dry for when the sun comes out to shine later in the day.

Showing Your True Colors While Enjoying the Outdoors

Staying safe and comfortable outdoors when the wind picks up, during rainfall, or the temperatures drop doesn’t have to mean wearing a boring, old winter jacket.

Old, boring black or brown jackets with a simple zipper made from scratchy, stiff materials are a thing of the past. You can now choose from dozens of styles and even more colors to pick a jacket that best fits your style, personality and needs.

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