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5 Ways Truck Drivers Can Improve Their Overall Health In 2019



5 ways truck drivers can improve their overall health in 2019

New Years resolutions about improving overall health in 2019 are trending. As a truck driver, you may be skeptical as to whether you can become healthier this year too. Perhaps you have put on a few pounds upon starting your truck driving career.

Sleep deprivation could have taken a hold of you. You may have even developed serious health issues like diabetes. Fortunately, there are ways to better yourself. You can join in on the health trend. Read on to discover ways truck drivers can improve their overall health in 2019.

Make Health The Goal, Not Weight

First of all, focus on your health in order to improve it. Many truck drivers do gain weight. With that in mind, they usually make weight loss their main goal. By doing so, they do not succeed.

Typically, eating less comes to mind when trying to shed pounds. Less eating often leads to more binge eating. Binge eating is a popular yet dangerous health issue. Instead of going down that path, make health your goal.

Focus on eating healthy foods when you are hungry. Your body will thank you for it. Truck drivers can improve their overall health in 2019 if they stop worrying about the scale. Worry about getting the nutrients you need instead.

Meal Prep Weekly

One way to ensure a focus on health and not weight is to meal prep. Weekly meal prepping is not as difficult as it sounds. You can prepare fresh and easy meals while in your truck. To do so, utilize your refrigerator.

When you visit a pit stop, look for fresh fruits and vegetables. Stock up on them. When preparing your meals for the week, consider easy-to-eat foods for truckers. A veggie and hummus sandwich is a lot easier to eat while driving than a bowl of pasta.

Meal planning keeps your body satisfied. It also guarantees that you choose healthy options. By meal prepping, truck drivers can improve their overall health in 2019.

Always Eat Breakfast

Truck drivers can improve their overall health in 2019 by eating a nutritious breakfast every day as well. Truckers often fall into the trap of skipping breakfast. However, it truly is the most important meal of the day.

It jump-starts your metabolism. As a truck driver, your breakfast time may vary depending on your trip. Eat breakfast shortly after waking, regardless of the time. It will keep you awake and energized until lunchtime.

This will keep you alert throughout the date. According to, “Despite daylight’s greater visibility, it’s during these hours when most fatal crashes involving trucks occur.”

Additionally, it is a great way to start your day off in a healthy way. You are more likely to remain on track if you begin on track. Eat breakfast every day to properly nourish your body and mind.

Use Sunscreen

Use sunscreen to keep your skin healthy while driving. Unfortunately, the windows of your truck do not block harmful rays from the sun. Consider how many hours you spend behind those windows on a daily basis.

UV rays are constantly hitting you. Therefore, you are at a greater risk of skin damage. Such skin damage can vary from sunburn to skin cancer. Fortunately, both forms of damage are preventable to stay safe as a long distance trucker.

Simply put sunscreen on each day. Additionally, long-sleeves can assist in protecting your skin. Include your skin health in your New Years resolution.

Download Fitness Apps

Lastly, truck drivers can improve their overall health in 2019 by downloading fitness apps. The app store provides numerous free apps that assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, those apps are available for both iPhone and Android.

They offer tons of helpful tools to stay on track throughout the day. For example, they record how many steps you take. As a truck driver, that may not be many. However, a fitness app can bring your low number of steps to your attention.

As a result, you can utilize pit stop time to go for a walk. Fitness apps make for an inexpensive way to take a hold of your health in the new year.

Truck drivers like yourself can jump on the bandwagon of healthy resolutions. To do so, focus on health rather than weight. Then, begin meal prepping weekly. Eat breakfast each and every day for energy and metabolism boosts.

Use sunscreen to protect your skin. Finally, download free fitness apps for daily reminders. You now know numerous ways truck drivers can improve their overall health in 2019.

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