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Don’t Let a Wheelchair Hold You Back



For many, the recent Paralympics were a revelation. They were an opportunity to see that even if you are unfortunate enough to be in a wheelchair, you do not have to stop reaching for your dreams and achieving success.

It’s understandable when you first learn that you use a wheelchair for the rest of your life that your heart will sink. You expect the worst. How can you lead a healthy life? How can you have a family and do the sports you used to love doing? But luckily, there are ways you can remain at the forefront without being held back through sheer determination and making the best of the situation.

Young Olympians

As you watched the Paralympics, you probably thought to yourself what tough people the athletes were. Those using lightweight wheelchairs managed to compete in a range of events, including basketball, which is always a big hit.

When a younger person is involved in an accident, and the heartbreaking news is revealed that they will not walk again, there is a black cloud that surrounds both them and their family, which can take time to come to terms with.

For the family, this is a time to remain positive and encourage the person. This is not a time to sit sulking in the corner because it’s unfair this happened to your family. Even in a lightweight wheelchair, the person can live a healthy life, compete in a range of sports and go to work just like everyone else around them.

Let the Motivation Begin

It is so easy to feel heartbroken and even think that your family has been wronged when bad news is given, such as a young family member being unable to walk moving forward. Yes, it’s understandable you will be hurt and wonder why this has happened. But at the same time, you can’t change anything, and instead, embracing what has occurred and encouraging the person is better than the whole family coming to a grinding halt because you are not sure how to proceed.

Encouragement can give the person the confidence to move forward. Buying them a lightweight wheelchair that is easy to move around and pack into a vehicle is a good starting position; this ensures that there are no reasons why this family member should be left at home when everyone else is enjoying a family day out.

If they loved sports, maybe the injury even occurred on the rugby field, then encouraging them to try sports again is a good motivator in their daily lives. You need to understand what they are going through; they are probably facing years of physiotherapy and need something to motivate them moving forward.

Don’t Hold Them Back

I remember years ago watching a young boy who was in a wheelchair take on a skateboard course; he had developed a way to enjoy skateboarding in his wheelchair, so he wasn’t left out when his friends went to the park. It was a fantastic sight, completely motivating. He did the ramps and turns; he flew across the course through practice. Now I’m not saying send your family member out to a skateboarding ramp in a lightweight wheelchair. Still, there is a host of sports available, which will help build self-confidence and a way to interact with other athletes who are also used to enjoying their sporting activities from a wheelchair.

There is no reason a wheelchair should hold anyone back. The choice of spectacular lightweight wheelchairs enables them to manage their lives with ease daily; they can get around without hassle and enjoy quality time with the family, enjoy sports and live a healthy full life without feeling inferior or unable.