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Mental Health Benefits of Yachting



Mental health benefits of yachting

You know that amazing feeling you get when you’re on a yacht, it pulls away from the dock and you just feel instantly happy? Well, there are many reasons why you feel that way every, single time you take a yacht trip to Martinique island in France or if you’re simply yachting with friends out in the ocean. Yachting is incredibly good for your mental health and here are all the reasons why (you may need to plan a few extra yacht trips after reading this article!).

#1 Salt Air

Salty ocean air seems to have a calming effect on many people and there is actually a scientific reason why. Sea air is composed of charged ions which actually aid in your body’s ability to absorb oxygen. Taking in more oxygen balances your serotonin levels meaning you will feel happier. So, when you take a deep breath of that ocean air while out yachting, you are actually helping your body chemically to feel happy.

#2 Lower Stress

The constant rhythm of the waves lapping on your yacht and the gentle rocking back and forth, back and forth all makes you feel at ease for a reason. These steady, regular sounds and motions all affect your brainwave patterns and make your mind think clearer and in a more consistent, stable way. Being out on the ocean with these peaceful waves will lower your stress and put your mind at ease.

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#3 Improved Concentration

Being on a yacht requires you to focus on multiple tasks, especially if you are the one acting as captain. You need to focus on driving the yacht safely, checking things such as impending weather and assessing if all of your equipment is sound. All of these tasks require knowledge and focus that put your yacht at the center of your concentration. Centering your mind on one thing (your yacht) is beneficial especially for those who are use to multitasking and pushing their brain in a million different directions. One focus makes for a much sounder state of mind.

#4 Distance

When you are out on a yacht, chances are you are far away from civilization. Even if you are only a few feet away from the shoreline, you are disconnected from the world and drifting away from a chaotic life. Just the act of getting on a yacht and being physically away from the main land can help you reach a happier mental state. The actual space between you and your problems will help you clear you head and be more content.

#5 Personal Relationships

When you get on a yacht, you board with people you choose and whom you generally enjoy. You do not go yachting with your worst enemy right?! Being on a yacht with people you love, close friends of someone you just want to get to know better is an ideal scenario. Secluding yourself with these people is a great way to improve your mental health. You won’t need to worry about dealing with people you do not like and you can focus on the good relationships you have in your life.

#6 Soft Fascination

If you have ever studied meditation, you may be familiar with the phrase “soft fascination”. This is when your mind is engaged but not overloaded with sensory input. This is the state you may reach when on a yacht. You can sit and watch the water and be hypnotized by its every movement. Your brain will be interested and awake but you will be at peace and rested.

When you are able to reach this state of relaxed focus, it has been shown that you will sleep better, have less anxiety and experience less depression and pain. So take a seat on your yacht, stare out at the water and just watch…

Clearly yachting has many physical benefits but now you can see how many mental advantages there are as well. So what to do next? Why go out on a yacht trip of course!

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