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Top 5 Tips That Will Make You A Smart Buyer



Nowadays, water coolers and instant hot water boilers have become indispensable household appliances for our routine life. Therefore, many of us have faced the dilemma of choosing between a regular bottled water dispenser and a mains fed water cooler. Sometimes, this difficulty also appears when you have to buy a water cooler or a hot water boiler to be used in your office.

To overcome such a situation and make up your mind about what to buy, you must comprehend the features and benefits of both types of coolers. However, in addition to those, mains fed water coolers possess some exclusive qualities that make them distinct from the crowd of water coolers. Let us look at these qualities that could benefit you immensely.

Look After Your Pocket

You will need you to pay for the water bottles for as long as you use a regular bottled water dispenser because the water bottles are the source of water for it. In the long run, it becomes a costlier business to have a bottled water cooler. However, if you have a mains fed fresher, the only amount you pay is the water bill as per the meter reading on a monthly, bimonthly, or whatever cycle your water supply system follows. Also, the cost of metered water is less compared to bottled water.

Another area where you could save money in the mains fed water cooler is its cleaning. Compared to the bottled water cooler, mains fed coolers are easy to clean, and you need to spend much less to do so as well.

Reliability is Key

If you are using a bottled water cooler, then safety is not usually associated with it because it is more prone to damages compared to mains fed water coolers. There are many instances when a bottled water cooler could get damaged, for example, while installing it or during its cleaning. Even mounting and dismounting the water bottles too sometimes adds to wear and tear in the bottled water coolers. On the other hand, mains fed water coolers are built for longer usability as they have a more extended period of warranty compared to no guarantee or warranty of a year or less offered with the bottled water coolers.

Space Effective

Bottled water coolers always hamper your smart and efficient space management as you need more space to install a bottled water cooler compared to a mains fed water cooler. For a bottled water cooler, even the filled and empty water bottles occupy your essential spaces or corners of your house, which otherwise you could efficiently devote to some purposeful and decorative use. Thus, in many instances, your bottled water cooler makes your space looked awkward and unattractive. To avoid such a situation and make good use of your space, you could favor a mains fed cooler over a bottled one. So, what do you think you should buy?

Healthy and Safety is Preferred

There are possibilities of water contamination in a bottled water cooler, mostly while mounting a new bottle or while removing an empty one. This possibility is negligible in mains fed water coolers as they are connected to the direct supply of water. Also, water bottles come with an expiry date, which you don’t have to worry about in a mains fed water cooler. Also, using a mains fed water cooler keeps you free from any injury that could happen during mounting or moving the water bottles.

Environmental Benefit

Using a mains fed water cooler ensures that you are removing plastic water bottles from your day-to-day life and, thus, in a way, contributing to the reduced use of plastic to save the environment.