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The Most Dangerous Jobs In Britain



When we finish school, college or university, it’s time to begin thinking about career paths. What draws people towards certain career paths differs immensely – some people are totally driven by money, some people look for jobs that help others and some people choose a career that will provide them with excitement. There are all sorts of dangerous jobs out there that people choose to do every day of their lives. In this post we’ve listed a few of the most dangerous jobs in the UK. What attracts people to do these jobs differs from person to person, but every day thousands of people risk their lives in their everyday jobs.

Fire Fighters

Fire Fighters never know what the next day will bring. Every time they are called to an emergency, they don’t know whether it will be a case of rescuing a cat from a tree, or something altogether more dangerous, such as entering a burning house to search for casualties. Fire fighters deal with an incredibly varied job, and in reality, no amount of training can prepare them for every type of emergency that they may be called to.


Bodyguards are employed to protect the lives of important individuals, who may be the target of an attack, such as politicians or celebrities. In most cases, the bodyguard will be expected to defend the life of the said person at all costs – even if it endangers their own life. It is an incredibly brave profession, which could land them in extremely dangerous situations.


Fishermen often spend days on end at sea, during which time the weather can change dramatically. When miles out at sea, if the weather suddenly changes, there may be no help around for miles and the fishing vessel and its crew are exposed to the elements. Although most fishing vessels now carry state of the art meteorological equipment, it is common for fishermen to be stranded at sea during severe storms.


Farmers work with dangerous equipment, day in and day out. One wrong move could spell disaster for the farmer, and unfortunately this happens all too often. In fact, there are more deaths per 1,000 workers than in any other profession in the UK.

Construction Workers

Again, construction workers are in frequent contact with dangerous equipment and there are several deaths each year, as a result of accidents on construction sites. With so much heavy equipment and temporary working environments, construction workers are regularly in danger of injury or even death.

This post was written by Harry Thompson, a health and safety training executive from the UK.