Most Dangerous Jobs For Your Health

Do you complain to anyone who will listen about your job? Are you sick of punching the time clock? Next time you think about complaining, consider that it could always be worse. There are some jobs, especially in America that are dangerous and deadly.

Your health maybe important to you, and at your current job you may be able to maintain it, be thankful that you can take care of yourself because this is not the case for all employees in all jobs. We compiled a list of the most dangerous jobs for your health. Most of these are extremely high risk for injury or even death.

So if you are thinking about switching careers, think carefully and maybe you want to avoid these most dangerous jobs for your health.

1. Logger

Logging is perpetually among the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Its risks may not be immediately obvious to someone without experience in the field, but virtually every aspect of logging in some way exposes employees to the risk of workplace injury or illness. Loggers have to be constantly on their A game to avoid injury or death.

 2. Pilot

Even as a passenger getting on to an airplane, is consider a little risky. You may wonder every time you travel, is the plane going to crash. Well your life is in the hands of a pilot, who has to undergo extensive training to perform their job. CNN reports that the US Labor Department ranks pilots and navigators as the second deadliest occupation in the country.

3. Fisher

Being on the ocean is an unpredictable thing, and doing your job on the ocean can be unpredictable, scary and crazy. Fisherman have a dangerous job because of the elements they have to face. Out in the deep ocean many things can happen. It is not uncommon to hear a fisherman says he has lost a buddy on the job, lost at sea.

4. Iron/Steel Worker

Structural iron and steel workers install iron or steel beams, girders, and columns to form buildings, bridges, and other structures. They are often referred to as ironworkers. And their job can be risky. Often touring high into the sky to help build skyscrapers their job is no laughing matter.

People who work with metal and who work in job shops that do machinery are extra carful and they have to pay attention to details.

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