Top Five Essential Hiking Accessories

Whether a person does it as a way to keep in shape or as a way to get out and enjoy nature, hiking is a fantastic pastime that will never go away. Anyone who is relatively new to the hobby of hiking needs these five essential hiking accessories.

Backpacks – A backpack is an absolute must. After all, where is the hiker going to keep all of his or her gear? The backpack should be heavy-duty, wear resistant, lightweight, and comfortable. Additionally, a hiker wants to choose a backpack that meets the hiker’s capacity needs for storing hiking gear and necessities.

Water Bottle – No one should go hiking without a water bottle. Water is necessary, especially on longer, tougher hikes during warm weather. Without proper hydration, a hiker will be doing his or her body more harm than good. Since most hikers will be trekking over relatively rough terrain (dirt, rocks, brush, etc.), they will want a water bottle that is durable. They should choose one that holds a decent amount of water but doesn’t break if it drops to the ground.

First-Aid Kit – Most hiking trails are in areas that are away from the city and in the wilderness. A first-aid kit is necessary in case anyone falls or hurts themselves, even if it is a minor injury. Cuts and deep scratches should be taken care of immediately; else, the hiker may risk infection.

Hiking Shoes – Hikers should invest in a proper pair of hiking shoes or boots. Walking on hiking trails is a lot different than walking on sidewalks. It would be a mistake to go hiking in flip flops. There are going to be lots of rocks, uneven ground and different changes in elevation. Without proper footwear, a hiker will be more prone to twisting or spraining an ankle.

Map – A hiker should always have a map of the area he or she is in, especially on longer hikes. The last thing the hiker will want to do is get lost, particularly if he or she is hiking off of the trails. Many maps also show various branching trails.

With these five accessories, the hiker will be all set to hit the trails. Beginners can simply fill their backpacks up with these items and prepare to fall in love with the hobby of hiking.

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