Benefits of Sandals over Flip Flops

Sandals are the perfect way to keep those feet warm during the summer. Unfortunately, many of us have to go abroad before we truly need them, but they do certainly have their benefits, even when at home.

There’s something nice about having your feet poking out and allowing the air between your toes as is the case with sun san salt water sandals, which do so but also provide a comfortable fit and bags of style, to ensure you look great during your summer break, or even just in your garden.

Buying sandals is something that should be done with care and though many of us nowadays opt for flip flops as our wear instead of the traditional leather sandal, this is actually ill advised for a number of reasons. Sun san sandals and good quality leather sandals provide a lot more than you would realise than these foam alternatives. Here’s why purchasing a pair of salt water shoes or sandals is advisable over flip flops.


One of the most common foot injuries that many doctors see is fallen arches caused by the excessive wear of flip flops. Originally, flip flops were made for around the pool, but not really for long walking journeys or for going out and about. However, recent trends suggest that many people wear flip flops for most of the summer season, even though they don’t provide the necessary support for your feet.

This can result in all sorts of problems and issues for your feet and your ligaments. Good quality sandals such as sun san salt water sandals offer your feet the support and comfort to allow you to wear them regularly without risking your feet’s health.


Flip flops are often made to quite a low standard and are usually produced for a few pennies. This means that they wear quite easily and are not really ideal for a long term investment in the shoe stakes. Sun san salt water sandals are made to a high standard and so are assured to last for a longer period of time than the alternative. This means that after you have gone through around five summer season’s worth of flip flops you will still have you salt water shoes at the ready and if you look after them in near perfect condition too.


The flip flop is quite basic in style and there really is little pizazz to it. When you compare it to the choice of leather sandals out there and Sun San sandals for instance you see how short it actually comes up aesthetically.

In style terms the real sandal is something of a must and is reams ahead of the alternative flip flop which can really look quite lacking. Of course, never wear either with socks or you’ll simply look like you are lacking.

So, there are the reasons why Sun San sandals will rise above the flip flop on each and every occasion.

At Olive Loves Alfie you can find great shoes and sandals such as sun-san salt-water sandals.

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