Are You Troubling with Rotten Tooth? Get Rid of It

While considering all the people who tend visit dentist for treatments, many were considered to have the problems of rotten teeth. Rotten teeth are nothing but the germs affected teeth. These teeth will possess more holes in them. In the initial stage these teeth can be repaired but when it goes beyond the extreme nothing can be done.

If a person is crazy lover of chocolates and sweets then it mean that they are attaining energy to generate germs. Sugar is considered as a best energy booster of germs. Hence the people who tend to consume more sweets have more chance of possessing rotten teeth. The progression of this defect is much simple. When a person consumes sweet the bacteria in mouth tends to secrete acid which surrounds the teeth to affects the strength gradually. This acid slowly consumes the energy of the actual teeth and makes eruption on them. Day by day the walls get thinned and holes get formulated. Some most common symptoms for rotten teeth are as follows.

Blackened teeth

This is the most common and visible symptom of rotten teeth. The action of bacteria is the only reason behind this blackening. When the tooth gets blackened it means that the tooth root is dying.

Bad breadth

When the teeth get affected with bacteria, the teeth will start decaying. This will create a bad smell whenever the person attempt to speak. This smell can be realized by the person who is suffering from this problem.

Change in size

Since the walls of tooth will be ruptured the size of teeth will get changed. The tooth may lose its strength and tends to fall.These are some common symptoms of rotten teeth. Apart from this pain and other effects will be realized in the affected area.


The treatment for rotten teeth greatly varies from one case to another. Only a dentist can suggest this treatment depending upon the teeth condition of a person. In some cases the infection may be low and filling will be the best choice. This filling is done with silver, copper, zinc and mercury. For some cases, if the effects seem to be higher the affected tooth needs to be removed. This must be treated right from the root. These teeth need to be removed only under the guidance of doctor. Because any damage to the nerves will tend to cause severe impacts.

Especially pregnant ladies should not remove tooth without the advice of doctor. The food must also be consumed as prescribed by dentist.  If this is not treated at right time, bacteria will start spreading and affects the other teeth.  Hence if any pain or stress is realized in teeth, dentists need to be consulted immediately to get rid of the problem right in the initial stage. Though there are some effective treatments for rotten teeth it is always better to take prevention measures. Teeth need to be brushed well after consuming sweets. This will tend to remove the harmful substances which would have stick to the teeth while eating sweets.

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