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Goji Berry Could “Literally” Cure Most Heart Diseases



Goji berry could “literally” cure most heart diseases

Despite all of the work in prevention of cardiovascular diseases, heart disease and stroke are some of the most dangerous conditions in the United States. Cardiovascular diseases are known for being particularly harsh on women and people those in the best years of their life.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that a third of those suffering from heart problems don’t end up surviving. 340,000 people end up dying in the emergency room. In fact, 250,000 people will die of their heart attack before they even get to the hospital for treatment. Many of these deaths are from cardiac arrest. Cardiovascular disease comes from many dysfunctions in the heart, arteries, and veins that supply the oxygen needed to sustain life. Every single organ in your body requires it for proper functioning. Not having enough oxygen can cause any tissue in your body to die.

There are certain things that you can control in your lifestyle that can decrease your chances of getting heart disease and other heart problems in the future. Then there are some factors that we have no control over. Some of these factors include gender, age, family history, race, and menopausal status for women. Heart disease is more likely to strike someone of African or Latin descent than Caucasians.

There are some things you can do to reduce your chance of getting heart disease. These are the factors that you should try to use to the best of your ability:

Give Up Smoking

One of the most popular elements for cardiovascular disease is the use of tobacco. In fact, smoking can double your risk of getting a heart attack compared to a non-smoker. Smokers are also significantly more likely to die when the heart attack occurs.

Cholesterol Improvements

You’re more likely to get heart disease when your total cholesterol is higher. When your total cholesterol is over 200, you have an increased risk of heart disease. If your HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) is lower than 40 and you also have an increased risk. LDL cholesterol of over 160 is another risk. You can work to improve your cholesterol levels by eating a diet that’s high in fiber and not too high in trans and saturated fats.

Taking Goji Everyday

The most popular risk for heart disease is the presence of high blood pressure or hypertension. That NCHS actually suggests that 15 million people in America have these conditions.

One doctor believes he has the secret to ensuring age comes on without sacrificing health. His name is Dr. Earl Mindell. Native societies in Asia have used some unique methods of health for hundreds of years.

Researchers have seen these societies and wondered how so many people that are older can have such overall health, mental strength, and energy.

Cyperone is a sesquiterpene that can help with high blood pressure and heart health. It’s believed that the anthocyanins can assist the heart and arteries in staying strong. Cyperone can be found in Goji berries and Goji Juice.

Experiments have been done to show that the endothelial functioning can be improved through Goji’s polysaccharides. Jia YX et al. (1998) confirmed these effects in rats with hypertension. The rats’ blood pressures were lowered with the addition of that particular aspect of Goji.

When high blood pressure isn’t managed correctly, it can end up leading to cardiovascular failure, heart attacks, kidney failure, and even strokes. High blood pressure is often referred to as the invisible killer. The studies are beginning to show the effect that goji berries and goji juice can have through its master molecule polysaccharides. It may actually help manage the levels of blood pressure throughout the body.

Even little things like walking or working in the garden can lower your chances of dying from heart disease by keeping your body healthy.

A recent study of goji showed its polysaccharides could help with exercise energy and reduce potential fatigue. It’s also been known to improve the body’s storage of glycogen. That’s where the body gets its energy from.

Goji is believed to help increase the physical load of people taking it for exercise. They can also help the body recover after working out. It’s found to increase the action within the lactic acid allowing the enzymes to be removed more quickly. That reduces soreness. It also speeds up the removal of blood urea nitrogen. That’s a toxin that is produced whenever you work out.

A diet that’s healthy for the heart needs more than just the reduction fats and LDL cholesterol. You also need to make sure you get the antioxidants that your body needs to reduce its risk of heart disease. The antioxidants that only meant to block the lipid peroxidation in your body are the best for helping to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Having too much lipid peroxide in the body can increase your chances of heart disease, heart attack, atherosclerosis, and stroke. Our body has a natural antioxidant enzyme called superoxide dismutase sometimes known as SOD. It helps fight lipid peroxidation, but its levels decrease as we get older. In a study done at Ningxia Medical University, the Goji berry was shown to increase levels of that SOD by 40%.

That led to a decrease of the lipid peroxides by an even more significant 65%. This study actually suggested that Goji contains a form of SOD that contains iron.

Lipids and cholesterol can become vastly more dangerous when they’re working with lipid peroxides. These lipid peroxides are sticky and can lead to problems like heart disease, atherosclerosis, stroke, and heart attack. That increase in the enzyme may stop that from happening.

Watch Your Weight

Having excess body fat can cause problems for the heart and make many other issues significantly more likely. In fact, the research has shown that obesity can increase the risk of heart disease. By managing your weight, eating properly and doing some cardio, you can ensure that your risk of heart disease will be going down.

In a study done in Asia, goji was provided for patients two times a day. Many of the patients saw significant weight reduction. A study done on animals may explain the results. The master molecule polysaccharides increased the proper transfer of food into energy. That leads to a decrease in body fat being stored.

Research has actually shown that diabetics can almost reduce their risk of death to the same as an average individual without diabetes by keeping track of their blood sugar. When that diabetes is not, it can cause significant cardiovascular damage including heart attacks and in severe cases even death.

Diabetes and Goji

The polysaccharides in Goji has been used in China for many years now to help manage blood sugar and insulin in diabetics. Physicians often recommend that. That’s because it contains betaine that can help the body with heart health and proper liver function. Those are common issues for diabetics.

Stress Management

Heart disease and strokes are significantly more likely in people that are angry or have stress issues. You may be able to lower your risk of getting it with the proper anger management or stress management techniques.

Goji Can Lower Your Stress

Life is more comfortable to handle when you have the energy to handle it. Goji has a reputation in Asia to make people happy. It’s hard to be particularly stressed when you’re happy. It’s actually considered one of Asia’s premier adaptogens. It’s believed to increase energy, decrease fatigue and improve endurance. This is particularly true while recovering from any sort of setback.

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