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What To Look For When Choosing Your London Dentist



Most people do not take the health of their teeth seriously; we all dream of having a Hollywood smile, but a lot of us don’t even have our dentist.

Do your research

Before researching the dentists in the London region, take time to ask family and friends where they go for their dentist treatments and how they find it – after all if you get useful reports from your family and friends you may as well try there first if for no other reasons it will save you from any dentistry horrors. With dental treatment, it is essential that you feel comfortable and trust in your dentist as a lot of people can find a trip to the dentist pretty nerve-wracking, and some procedures can be painful.

If you are unsure about which dentist to go for, there is no harm in setting up a consultation with your potential dentist to find out more about their charges and the quality of the treatments that they offer.

Check them out

Set up an appointment for a simple treatment such as a check-up before you sign up to a direct debit with the dentist, it is vital to get to know your dentist and that you trust them – otherwise you’ll always be nervous about going. There’s nothing worse than getting accepted with a dentist and finding out that they’re still too busy to book in an appointment around your schedule.

Make sure the dentist knows your full dental history and updates your records each time you visit the clinic. The dentist should ask about any tooth problems that you may have had between the time of your last visit and now; they will also ask you about your eating habits and monitor your oral hygiene habits. When discussing potential treatment, you should ask for a detailed cost summary before booking an appointment.

When performing procedures, the dentist should ask you how you would like to manage the pain and provide you with x-rays when the process is finished. The dentist should have a full uniform on before operating on your mouth; this includes a face mask and gloves.

Check the times between your appointments, as well as the six-monthly check-up. You may need emergency work in between, so how easy would I be for them to give you a same-day appointment – after all, you don’t want to be walking around in pain for six months. For a London dentist, however, you must expect a slight wait, maybe a few days to a week, as it’s a busy place and there’ll be so many people going for appointments everyday hat it may be hard for them to fit you in straight away.

Have there been any recent investments in your surgery, in terms of technology? It’s always nice to know that when new technology does become available that your dentist is investing straight away to make their treatments better.
It is essential to balance all these factors when choosing your London Dentist, as many people are reluctant to change and find they are with the same dentist for years.