Best Bikes for Leisure Riders

In more recent times, the popularity of cycling has risen once again. While cycling as a sport has withstood the tests of time, providing unbeatable entertainment with the likes of the world famous Le Tour de France, it is becoming increasingly popular as a leisure activity also. People of all ages are rediscovering the benefits of casual riding, including lowering the risk of heart disease, aiding in weight loss and promoting an overall healthy lifestyle. If you’re keen to get into leisure riding on your weekends, be sure to check out these amazing bikes from some of the industry’s best brands.

Schwinn Starlet

Released in 2012, this new addition to the Schwinn bicycle family has already proven to be a favourite amongst female riders of all ages. The aluminium frame of the bike provides a durable setting, whilst still maintaining a lightweight feel for easy manoeuvrability. For most leisure riders, style factors greatly into the equation and with the colour choices available with the Schwinn Starlet, everyone is guaranteed to be pleased.

Apollo Vintage

Also making its debut in 2012, the Apollo Vintage cruiser bike has been designed to replicate the charm of vintage bicycles. While your new bike may look like it’s from the fifties, take one ride and you’ll know that it’s equipped with the latest features of riding technology, including a Shimano R-440 9 speed shifter and a Shimano Sora rear derailleur.

Merida City 3.0

While Merida has always been known as a reputable and reliable name within the biking community, they have truly outdone themselves with style and sophistication, upon the release of the Merida City 3.0. This breathtaking new model has the class and elegance of a 1950s cruiser, including even the finest details, such as the retro front basket to match. The 2013 model has all the style and charm of an older bike, while still maintaining the great features of all Merida bicycles. The Merida City 3.0 is available at all reputable bike shops, providing the convenience of local shopping as a great advantage to choosing this bike as your leisure option.

Mongoose Maurice

If you’re searching for a leisure bike that looks a little more like it’s from the 21st Century, you absolutely must check out the latest from Mongoose. The Mongoose Maurice is available in a range of colours, including a striking black and blue design. This fixie bike is basically a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike, providing riders with comfortable features, durability and style.

If the thought of riding along the beach front on your very own cruiser doesn’t have you convinced, just think of the world of good you are doing for your overall wellbeing and health. Cycling has proven lifestyle benefits and is also a fantastic weekend activity to get involved with family and friends.

Joel is a Cycling Enthusiast from Brisbane, Australia. He likes to ride older style bicycles, like the Schwinn, and is excited to see them making a comeback in many bike shops. Joel enjoys going on daily rides with his young children who have already developed a passion for riding.

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