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Benefits of Contact Lenses For People On The Go



Today we live in a world that runs at about 100 miles an hour, and if you’ve not got perfect vision sometimes this can be a challenge. As technology develops there is an increasing number of ways to correct impaired vision, from your trusty glasses to the more modern laser eye surgery.

Today, over 3.7 million people in the UK choose to wear contact lenses, with more and more having converted as a result of developments in designs and materials over the last decade.

Perfect Vision Across Your Entire Visual Field

Possibly the greatest benefit of wearing contact lenses for busy people is that they sit directly on the eye. This makes your entire field of view clear and gives you naturally feeling vision. In comparison, when wearing glasses there is a gap of just under a 1 inch between the eye and the lens, and your peripheral vision is not corrected. And the frame of the glasses causes further restriction of your view.

This is a really important benefit to many people in their everyday busy lives but comes in extra handy when playing sport. Having a clear peripheral vision is vital to taking part in team sports such as football or netball, and in aiding hand-eye-coordination in racquet sports such as squash and tennis.

Perfect Vision All The Time

Contact lenses come in many different forms depending on personal preference, for example, hard or soft lens, or daily disposable or monthly lenses. However they all share one factor in common, and this is that they will be consistent in correcting your vision throughout their wear.

Glasses do not come with this guarantee, and if you wear them in either hot or cold weather they can become fogged up or collect condensation. Similarly, if it is raining your vision can be impaired by the water droplets that have fallen onto the lens. The guarantee that this won’t happen with contact lenses is important in certain situations for people on the go, for example when driving a car or riding a bike.

They Are Invisible

Contact lenses come with the added benefit that they are invisible. Glasses can sometimes feel uncomfortable sitting on the bridge of your nose, can slide down your nose, or can leave marks behind when you take them off. When you’re on the go, contact lenses provide a solution to all of these issues as they look, and feel, practically invisible.

Glasses can be expensive, so most people choose a pair of glasses that are as versatile as possible and can be worn on as many occasions as possible. This is not a concern when it comes to contact lenses as their invisibility means that they can be worn with any outfit.

Perfect For Holiday-Goers

Contact lenses are a popular option for people heading off on their holidays as they can be worn underneath sunglasses very easily. Other options are obviously available here, such as prescription sunglasses or tinted glasses, but these can be very expensive.

Daily disposable lenses are handy to have on holiday as you can wear the lens during the day to read by the pool and not risk getting a glasses tan line on your face. Then you simply throw them in the bin when you go to bed at night and don’t need to worry about keeping them in the solution overnight.

However, if you are thinking about trying out contact lenses for the first time, be sure to make an appointment with an optician or eye doctor to get some professional advice that will be tailored to your specific needs.