How to Design a Yoga Studio

Let Us Count the Ways

Designing a yoga studio is not difficult if you know what type of furniture you want inside the room. The space should be spacious and not cluttered, dim lit and not bright and hardwood flooring is definitely a must. Candles are a nice touch but are not recommended.

Using mirrors add a nice touch but they can also become a distraction. Students are often tempted to stare at their every move and pay less attention to instructions. Sometimes mirrors can be a great asset in the teaching stage.

Walls need to be free from overcrowding. Wall space provides room for propping and posing. Painted walls or wood surface walls are better. Too many decorations can destroy the mood. Avoid hanging ornaments from the ceiling and objects that protrudes from the wall like candle scones.

The flooring should be made from wood or bamboo, not concrete and certainly not carpet. While carpet may look nice it is not the best choice for obvious reasons. It becomes smelly after a while. Food stains, odors, mildew and chemicals can creep in at any time and the smell and feel of the carpet can become unbearable.


Develop a color scheme. Integrating colors throughout the studio will add life and vitality. The designs, the color and the equipment should be in complete harmony with each other.

Mats give a nice and inviting touch. They are easy to clean and they do not take up much space.

Provide a clothes rack or a small storage area for coats and shoes. It can be a few hooks on the wall or if there is a closet in the room that will work even better.

Odors is important when setting the atmosphere. Too much perfume is not recommended as soon students may have allergy. Incense adds a pleasant sense of serenity in the atmosphere. Plug in scent refills are great to have. They are easy to store, cheap to purchase and they last a long time.

Make sure there are an adequate number of showers and toilets. Having a place for students to wash up, do their hair and change clothes is an important necessity. Bathrooms and showers should meet ADA specifications regarding appropriate accessibility for the handicap. Even if no handicap students are enrolled this type of setting should be installed.

The design of the yoga studio will depend on the preferences of the instructor. In any case, the studio should be roomy yet comfortable – just keep in mind not to use carpet. The atmosphere should be pleasant and inviting. The equipment and the building should be easily accessible for everyone.

Location is not as important. Students who are truly interested in yoga will show up regardless of where the building is located.

Bryan Grayson writes about yoga, remodeling, and more.

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