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How To Wear Leather Jackets For Men



When it comes to leather jackets, you know you need a little bit of confidence to pull off the perfect look. Some men look too cocky when they wear leather, while others may look like they are trying too hard to be calm, especially if the jacket they are wearing does not suit their body type or their fashion style. Here are a few tips on how to wear leather jackets the right way to make just the right kind of impression.

Choose a jacket with the right fit and cut.
The fit and how it hangs on your body are important factors that affect how a leather jacket looks on you. A coat that is too big will look like you are being swallowed alive by animal hide, and a coat that is too small or too tight is not too appealing either. A jacket, like any other piece of clothing, should fit right at the shoulders, should not be too tight around the armpits, and should leave around one-inch space around the trunk so that it is not too tight. Smaller guys may want to opt for jackets with elastic waists that allow the jacket to bulk up around the chest and waist to give the trunk a fuller look.

Choose a jacket for the right season.
It is a common misconception that only bikers wear leather. Casual leather jackets, which are lighter than traditional leather jackets, come with cuts and designs that can be used for daywear in the spring or the colder months. You can even find jackets made of lighter and thinner leather that are cool enough for summer evenings.

Know how to style.
Fortunately, it is quite easy to style a leather jacket for casual wear. A plain T-shirt, paired with jeans and a pair of Aviator shades, is perhaps the ideal way to design an ensemble with a leather jacket. In the winter, you can pull a leather jacket over a cozy turtleneck for a casual yet sophisticated look.

Leather jackets for men are notorious for being hard to pull off. This is especially true if you lack in the confidence department. However, as long as you know the basics of styling, and you have a good idea when and when not to wear leather, there is no reason why you cannot pull off a leather jacket in comfort and style.