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How to Get the Goth Look in 5 Simple Steps



Gothic fashion is a trend that has spanned generations since the 1970s, initially beginning in the punk/rock era. It is a statement of personal expression that visually can be dark and vamp-ish but also glam and sophisticated at the same time.

The cultural obsession with vampires and gothic themes following the release of The Twilight Saga and True Blood has meant that the Goth look has been rediscovered and appreciated by a more significant following of fans.

Celebrities embracing this dark and beautiful look include Kristen Stewart, Dita Von Teese, Rooney Mara, Taylor Momsen, and who could forget the long-haul fan of the dark decor: Marilyn Manson.

So how would you like to get the Goth look?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

For the extreme expressionist (looking to make a statement and define the guise of the goth)

    1. A powder to suggest a fair complexion.
    2. Smoky, smoldering eyes with the use of tonal grey and black eye shadows.
    3. Liquid eyeliner for a harsh line. Statement eyes are always a winner!
    4. A light pink blush to add a little color to your cheeks so as not to look washed out with your darker details.


  1. Hair dye (color of your choice, of course).

A new craze in the world of hair dye is the Manic Panic hair dye, a new semi-permanent formula that comes in a wide range of colors. There is even a glow in the dark field if you´re feeling experimental!

Proven to condition and nourish the hair, it is a preferable option for both hardcore hair dye addicts and new enthusiasts thinking of getting a modern look. With vegan-friendly ingredients, you are sure to be impressed with the outcome.

For the modest minimalist (looking to make that subtle change to their appearance in celebration of the Goth look)

  1. An elegant pencil, eyeliner.
  2. Black nail enamel.
  3. A dark lip color (not necessarily black but perhaps a blood-red instead)    

You must find a make-up range that specializes in this type of cosmetics. A guaranteed line that provides the right quality products and caters to this style and its colors is vital.

There is nothing to suggest that you can’t fuse goth with designer class either- although the reputation gothic style may have accumulated in the nineties. If you look at the likes of Dita Von Teese and Rooney Mara, their goth edge is the absolute central focus of their styles.

These ladies are popular style icons who grace many a red carpet and fashion show.

This trend is set to be big this autumn/winter 2012, so why not embrace your dark side and experiment with a look to suit you? Goth style.