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Three Hair Styling Products You Can’t Do Without



If you’re like most women you have more hair products on hand than you can use. However, there are a few hair supplies that will come in handy over and over no matter what style you rock. Here are three of the most essential that every woman should have.

Root stimulator

One of the best-kept secrets in the fashion industry is a root stimulator, a mixture made of natural ingredients that helps restore hair from the roots up. An organic root simulator is designed to work into the scalp and help revitalize both the skin and the hair. This is used especially in response to damage from a wide variety of causes.

For example, if you have had health conditions or medicated treatments that have dried out your scalp, frazzled your hair, or affected the thickness and luster of your hair then root stimulator will help to turn back the clock and return your hair to its original health and sheen. Likewise, if you cope with hair stressed perms, tight braids, dry air or blow drying then root stimulator will help revitalize it. Finally, some people are just born with a dry scalp, brittle hair, or dandruff. Again, root stimulators can save the day.

Hair extensions

Although some women are cautious about using extensions to style their hair, there’s almost no tool in your powder room as versatile as extensions. It’s worth getting some basic clip-in extensions and playing around with them to learn different styles you can create out of them. Whether it’s adding a few decorative colored strands or completely changing the shape of your hairstyle, hair extensions can allow you to make a new look every day. Once you feel comfortable using them creatively, it can be worth it to invest in more realistic “fusion” style extensions as well.


Obviously not every woman wants to bleach her hair and not everybody looks good in blonde. However, you shouldn’t be scared to have a little lift in your house and experiment with it from time to time. Learn to mix lift in small batches and apply it selectively to small locks of hair – if need be, practice on an old doll first so you’re confident in your brush stroke or foil usage. You don’t have to pay an extra $30 at the salon to get great highlights or throw a single streak in your hair – you will learn how to do it yourself in no time.

Whether you pick up some organic root simulator or start working on your highlights, these are just a few of the many options out there. What are your favorite hair products?