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Great Tips on How to Get Soft Lips



Dry lips are unattractive and uncomfortable. Cracked and dry lips are annoying and can reduce the worth of a gorgeous smile. Lips are susceptible to sun exposure, dehydration, wind, and severe cold. You can get pretty and soft lips quickly and cheaply despite the belief that it is complicated and costly to achieve smoother and supple lips. Most people tend to lick their lips once they are dry; this is very wrong because saliva even makes them drier.

Here are guidelines on how to make your lips soft :

Regular exfoliation of your lips
Exfoliating your lips is essential. There are many homemade remedies that you can use. You can either use a mixture of baking soda and water. Form a paste and rub the mixture gently on your lips using a toothbrush. This acts as an exfoliator and helps in removing all the dead cells that cause chapped and rough lips.

A mixture of olive oil and sugar is also another remedy. Scrub the mix circularly on the lips and rinse after some time using warm water. After the procedure, you will achieve softer and silky lips since you will have done away with all the dry skin on the lips.

Moisturizing your lips
Another fastest way of making your lips supple and beautiful is by using moisturizing products. It is advisable to apply a chapstick before putting on lipstick or lip gloss at least thrice in a day. There are numerous moisturizing products in the market, so you have no excuse for having chapped and dry lips. Nevertheless, you should not use different products all at the same time, allow your lips to breathe.

Avoid licking your lips
This is a habit that people need to break off. It is quite natural to lick your lips to make them moisten for a while, but this will make them drier and flaky because saliva contains substances like salt that makes the lips dehydrated. Moreover, you also remove the lip gloss or lip balm that was protecting them.

Do not bite your lips
Lip biting is highly discouraged since it may lead to cuts on the lips, causing infections. Also, it slows down the healing of cuts and wounds. You have to apply a lip balm containing natural oils and moisturizers.

Take lots of water
Dry and chapped lips might be a sign of dehydration in the body. That is why you need to take a lot of water to keep your body hydrated, and the results will be evident even on your lips. Too much sun exposure can also make the lips dry, therefore drinking a lot of water is very helpful. Keep your body hydrated to maintain smooth and gorgeous looking lips.

Tips and warnings
Keep your lips moisturized all day long by applying a natural lip balm. Do not lick your lips. After drying up of the saliva, your lips are left drier and dehydrated even more.

Squeeze lemon juice on the lips daily if they are darkening. Moreover, avoid smocking as it darkens the lips. Remove all the lipstick before sleeping to prevent the lips from drying out.

Avoid sharing lip balms as this may spread infection. Dispose of all lip balms that have overstayed as they may store bacteria.