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Are Your Contacts Uncomfortable? Here’s What to Do



Wearing contact lenses is and should not be uncomfortable, as many people perceive it so. The key is wearing a good pair. However, there are cases when the wearer might feel some amount of discomfort. Below are some of the most common reasons, along with some steps to remedy them.

Reasons for Discomfort

  • Fit

Just like with everything else, the size matters. There are times when the lens’ diameter and base curve might not be the perfect size for you. A perfect-fitting lens should cover your cornea, slightly moving every time you blink. If it moves a lot, you will experience itchiness and dryness, among others. And if it moves too little, your eyes may become irritated and turn red. You should be able to wear your contact lenses comfortably for up to 12 hours.

  • Allergies

Most of us have some allergy, and wearing contact lenses might be one of them for some. Some change their long habits or not use them at all until they get past the allergy season. For these people, daily disposable contact lenses would best suit them.

  • Type

There are various types of contact lenses and wearing certain types can cause some discomfort, but mostly for some time until your eyes get used to them. This is primarily the case with rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Soft lenses will be a good pick if you are not willing to go through the whole adjustment process, but there are already rigid lenses that provide the comfort of soft lenses.

  • Cleaning Solution

While these solutions are meant to clean and disinfect contact lenses, some can cause some discomfort in the eyes. Some solutions are not able to entirely remove the proteins from your lenses, so you should replace your lenses often. You can also consult your eye doctor to figure out the best brand for you.

  • Wear Time

The longer your contact lenses stay on your eyes without cleaning and disinfection, the most it will cause your discomfort. Although there are contact lenses designed to be worn for days and even weeks but note that this can lead to discomfort and even pain eventually.

Remedies for Discomfort



    methods of cleaning and disinfecting is essential. Along with your cleaning solution, rub your lenses with your clean fingers to facilitate the removal of dirt and protein build-ups, and then set them to soak in the answer in the required time.

  •  Reducing the amount of time that you wear your lenses will significantly relieve discomfort. Give contact lenses wearing a break once in a while and use eyeglasses in the meantime.
  • Contact lens wearing causes the drying of your eyes. Always bring with you artificial tears drops to keep your eyes lubricated and moisturized.
  • Get yourself a new pair of contact lenses. Your old ones might already have become dirty or torn, causing discomfort. Make sure that you do not exceed the period set to change them.
  • Before putting them on, ensure that it is right side in. Hold up your contact lens and check if its edges are not flared out. This is the correct position.

If none of the recommendations above worked for you, it might be best that you visit your eye doctor as soon as you can.