What Is Crossfit Training?

The CrossFit training program is an exercise regime that is designed to provide a template for fitness that can be followed by individuals of all ages and skill levels. The program deals with strength training and endurance conditioning. It is intended to result in a physically fit individual who is able to sustain physically strenuous activities for a long time. The program is taught in thousands of gyms across the United States and has a number of minor variations that have a more narrow focus than the general training regimen.

Resistance Training

The core of the CrossFit training program is resistance training. This involves providing resistance to the muscles through weights or other devices. People who are performing a program generally use a variety of different equipment for resistance including hand weights, resistance machines and kettlebells. Participants are also expected to perform other actions such as sit-ups, push-ups and pull-ups. All of these activities are done in sets. The length of a set varies depending on the physical health, age and experience of the individual. Part of the program is performing a wide range of different activities with different types of resistance equipment in order to achieve more natural movements.

Timed Actions

Timing is a large part of the CrossFit program. The individual sets that are performed by individuals must be completed within a given timeframe. This means that a typical workout involves a short period of incredibly intense activity. Additionally, class participants are often encouraged to compete against each other to see who achieves the best times. The fast actions and quick repetition of exercises is intended to increase the heart rate and the flow of oxygen to the muscles. This is basically aerobic exercise. A daily personal workout that would take place in the home before or after work lasts between 20 and 30 minutes on average. There are classes that are given in gyms that last as long as one hour.

Supervision By Coaches

An important element of the CrossFit training program is the use of coaches. Coaches are people who have been specially trained and then licensed by the company that originally created the program. A coach needs to be present whenever a group CrossFit workout is being given. Coaches have the knowledge that is necessary to direct and teach students how to perform a workout. They are also able to guide a class through a routine while encouraging high intensity performance over a short period of time. Coaches have two levels of training and require a level two certification in order to teach students.

Workout Results

The results of a CrossFit workout can be very impressive if the exercises are performed responsibly and are accompanied by proper eating habits. A large amount of calories are burned in just a few minutes of exercise. The resistance training and aerobic aspects of the workout combine to encourage the development of muscle mass. The speed that is maintained during a session will increase flexibility. Finally, when done correctly, the workout will leave an individual with increased endurance so that the body can work harder for a longer period of time.

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