Simple Steps on Your Self Improvement Journey

Improving yourself is a trek that requires both commitment and an investment of time. Your personal development however is something that you can approach from many different angles, so long as you are willing to make the commitment to yourself to see it through. Keep reading for ways you can improve yourself in life.

Be true to yourself. As Shakespeare said, “This above all else, to thine own self be true.” Always be honest with yourself. You have likely lived long enough to know that honesty is not always the best policy with others, because the truth often hurts. However, it is the best policy to be honest with yourself. Know your strengths and limitations and work within them in peace.

Know your inner self well. Everyone has an outer self and an inner self. Your outer self is the smiling face you present to other people every day in your interactions with other human beings. Your inner self is where your dreams are. Make sure to take a few hours once a week, and at least twenty minutes or more once a day, to spend some time alone with your inner self. Get his or her opinion on how things are going.

Identify what aspects about your life you want to change. You might have heard the suggestion of doing a gratitude journal. You could also do a complaint journal. Fill it at the beginning and ending of every day without all that you wish to complain about. Only read it once a month. The most frequent complaints are likely areas of your life that need the most improvement yet receive the least thought.

Set an intention to change the aspects of your life that you identify. Some steps you can take will be immediate and obvious. Take them, and study the subject to know how to get around the roadblocks of the other steps you can not yet take.

In the process of trying to change certain things about your life, you may discover that they are unchangeable. Your neighborhood might not get quiet. Your significant other might not give you the space you need or pay their half of the bills on time. If you have to, walk away from a situation that can not make you happy.

Be inclined to take small risks where you are taken a little bit out of your comfort zone. It is important to stay largely in your comfort zone, for the sake of sanity, safety and confidence. Yet, it is outside of it that you grow and where you usually find the fruit you were unable to reach before.

Change gradually. There is a saying that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take your journey in steps. Walking a thousand miles is pointless if you do not take a breathe between each step to make sure you are marching in the right direction. And, any step you do once, you do again and again until it becomes effortless. If you can run one lap, you can eventually marathon.

Starting the process of self-improvement is a time of both exhilaration and maybe even stress. Apply the ideas in this article to start your journey in a manner that gets you going without spinning you out of control. Good luck!

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